Welcome to August’s “Give One” Campaign…

This month we are going to do things a little differently.  After several months of raising a large amount for a specific recipient, we have decided to change it up a bit and offer our ladies a month of small, random acts of kindness.  Survivors are usually just getting by financially, and that is about it.  Every extra penny goes to paying for basics.  A month with food, housing and electricity is a blessing and a relief.  Things that might be considered necessities by many become luxuries to these women.  And this month, we feel it is time to spread a little sunshine, share a little smile, and send a little love in a very practical way.

In August, we are asking that you give one of your daily luxuries away.  We challenge each of you to think of one thing you can share to help give HER wings…

If you give us your morning coffee, we’ll put it in the hands of a lady we think would be blessed by such a simple gesture.  If you tell us that you’ll give up your weekend movie, we’ll send her and her kiddos to a show.  Give us those groceries that weren’t on your list, and we’ll gift her with a few splurge items that she hasn’t tasted in a while.

There is no right way to do this.  We are simply challenging you to think about all the things you don’t necessarily need.  Things that make life a little easier.  Happier.  Brighter.  Then, we want you to give one up to give her wings.  Make HER happier.  Make HER life brighter.  Make HER fly.

We are committed to helping make each gift happen.  We’ll pair your gift with the perfect recipient.  And families can get in on the action too!   Maybe your family can eat in so that her family can eat out.   Perhaps your little one could forego a new toy so that her little one can have one.  The possibilities are endless and we are so excited about these possibilities!

We would also like to really see our social media outlets gain exposure over the next month.  For that reason, we have created a lovely set of “collectible” images that will help you share our campaign with friends and family.   Each image is a suggested gift and can be posted on your Facebook wall, Pinterest page, and on Twitter.  We ask that when you make your donation, you also post your gift for all to see.  This will raise interest and awareness and we hope to gain exposure as a result.   And if you want to give something other than what you see, please tell us!  We’ll do our best to create an image that represents your gift.

gaveAPizza gaveACoffee gaveAGrocerySplurg gaveAnAccessory gaveAMani gaveAShoppingTrip

How do you give your gift?  The simplest way is through a PayPal donation.  You’ll donate the estimated value of your gift, and we’ll purchase a gift card or voucher that can be redeemed by the recipient.  We ask that you please factor in things like tips and sales tax when applicable, as we want the coffee, dinner, or outing to be completely free of charge to our lady and her family.   We will also be accepting gift cards to larger chain retailers like Starbucks, Target, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, etc.  You send them to us and we’ll take it from there.

Thank you for your continued support for our ladies and their families.  We are humbled and excited by the possibilities of continued growth as we work together to give her wings…

To see our full gallery of gifting suggestions and to snag your image for use on your personal social pages, please visit:

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