We Did Something We Could Not Afford To Do

But, we couldn’t look away. Last week, we received a call from one of our friends from a trusted sister-ministry, describing the horrific abuse her neighbor was suffering. “Valour” has two small children and is pregnant with her third, to her abusive partner’s building anger. We have chosen this name for her because she is in a battle and, though very afraid, she is showing tremendous courage. Valour has suffered abhorrent financial, physical, mental and sexual abuse for years. She was isolated with no transportation. He did horrible things to her, careful that there were no obvious signs of abuse for outsiders to notice. He was “smart” about how he abused her. I wish I could go into detail but it is all too horrific and triggering. She is not a person to him . . . she is not a human. She is something to be used and thrown away — every single day.

An early morning text let us know, last week, that she was in danger and things were escalating. I called Valour, well-aware of the fact that we already went over budget by taking a February mama. Normally, we run our Valentine’s Day campaign and, since it is a short month, we don’t take any financial mamas. Now, we have taken two. I could not ignore the desperation in Valour”s voice. I could not turn away from the fact that her heart was turning toward God again. I heard the fear in her tone and I understood it so well. My heart broke and I thought about her that entire day. I wept so many times. And I was afraid to propose it all to the board because I had already pushed our finances so far. I prepped them the day before and received nothing but loving responses and assurances of prayer. I told them that I believe — firmly believe — that God loves what our ministry does and that He will provide. 

The next day, we found out she had fled and gone to a hotel. She never looked back. Her itty bitty girl had already packed her tiny backpack herself, ready to be free. They could not take anymore. They were ready and they left.

I made my proposal to the board that we help her get an apartment. They voted her in within seconds, unanimously. My heart soared. I know it is a lot to ask. I know. We are taking a step of faith and trusting that God will provide the funds we need as we decide to walk alongside Valour and her three babies throughout what will surely be a very difficult road. 

I prayed with her over the phone. She wept. She was free. We helped her with information to obtain a DVPO. She is safe. She finally feels safe. She is also being helped by dear friends whom we trust. They are bravely caring for her and helping with her children and the cost of the hotel until they secure an apartment.

We need your help. We are getting ready to run our campaign for Valentine’s Day. We had already purchased the gifts for our mamas without knowing we would need an extra $3000 for two February mamas. I know not what to do except to plead on behalf of this precious mama, who has risked her life to break the cycle of abuse and give her children a chance.

I will never forget her words to me, “I just want to have a home where my children are safe.” 

I’m only asking you to pray. To see if God leads you to give. If so, please donate here. We are a 501(c)3 and all donations are tax deductible. As you know, I would do anything for our mamas. Please join me in being a passionate ambassador for Christ in this woman’s life. She will never, ever forget it. 

Love, Megan 

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  1. Hello Megan,

    Thanks for sharing this pathetic but very similar story. I’m a survivor and I’ve been following your fb for a while. I’ll like to help this woman and your ministry on an ongoing basis. However, because of my narcissistic ex, I no longer have a credit card (had to let go due to humongous debts he got me into). I’ll like to do etransfer on a monthly basis, how do I go about this? I wish I have the entire $3,000. But, I’m very proud of this mama and many others who are making such courageous decisions to leave. Many blessings, Megan. Love you and your ministry 😍😍😍

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