Waiting Fulfilled — By Nicole

We are so thankful for ministry team member, Nicole’s, writings, which give comfort and encouragement. As one who has been to hell and back, Nicole has the faith to be able to say that waiting on the Lord to bring justice will not disappoint. Read, and be edified:

“He (she) who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he (she) who helps to perpetuate it. He (she) who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

Take a step back.  Take a deep breath.  Refocus.  Breathe again.  What do you see?  A picture that started out blurry and unrecognizable is becoming clear.  The colors are no longer a smudged mess. They have become defined shapes creating a magnificent work of art.  As the images jump off the canvas the story makes sense at the realization that God was present the entire time.

In this world the stories of evil and injustice constantly appear to have the upper hand.  Left defeated and discouraged, we wonder if God will step in and save the day.  Wanting to feel His presence.  

As I map out the events of my life over the past few years God’s handiwork is clear.   Moments of defeat become moments of increased faith as God grabbed hold and comforted me. He used each moment to confirm His plan was so much greater than mine.

Moments of choosing right led to moments of defeat.  They increased my faith as He became my only source of hope and trust.  Times when I chose obedience to Him instead of following what the world wanted often left me on my own and in a hopeless state.  But God’s Truth penetrated my heart leaving it full of confidence and peace. As each day progressed, I experienced the many blessings of my faithful God and realized I did not lose.


I revisit the story of Habakkuk and a specific verse that says,


This vision for a future time.

It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled.

It seems slow in coming,

wait patiently,

for it will surely take place,

It will not be delayed.

Habakkuk 2:3

From where I stood, the wait for God to save the day seemed slow.  I waited for what seemed like forever yet trusted His promises.  He promised justice.  Though it felt delayed, the outcome revealed His perfect plan.


I waited with great anticipation for the moment when my world was made right again. I waited for the time when those around me would see the majesty and awesomeness of my God.  And when it came, He blew me away. Every ounce of glory and praise go to Him alone as I stand in awe of the One who brought my chaos into order.

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