An open letter to the leaders who cast us aside

match1This letter is for those in church leadership who cast us aside when we needed you the most.  For those in leadership who were duped by those who used you the way in which they used us. For those leaders whose spiritual abuse left us broken and doubting.

You see, you were fooled into believing whatever story they wanted to spin. A pawn in their disturbing game of  control and manipulation. Without a second thought, you listened to their stories, accepted every tear, and acknowledged their “I’m sorry” as genuine repentance.

You chose to distance yourself from reality, the darkness covering our home.  You avoided the opportunity to investigate further into the truth, to invest more deeply in the lives affected, but instead, chose the bliss of ignorance and the ease of assumption.  You were swayed by gossip and lies, and you ignored the warning of Scripture not to judge a matter without hearing all parties (Proverbs 18:13). You foolishly assigned blame apart from the facts.  Apart from knowledge.  Apart from relationship.

For some, as leaders, your pride stood in the way of pursuing the truth.  A need to protect your persona and the image of a building prohibited you from doing the difficult stuff.  From failing to investigate the truth from fiction or taking the necessary steps to defend those lost within such a dark situation, your lack of concern left us broken and crushed while doubting our faith.

For those leaders who dismissed us as being excessive in our sensitivity or reluctant to submit to the headship of our husband, this letter is for you.  For those who accused of us doing something that caused the abuse or by telling us we needed to have more sex with our spouse, this too is for you.  And for those who repeatedly told us, “Your spouse is not the enemy.  Do not allow the real enemy to destroy your family,” your words only served to aid the abuser in destroying us in even greater ways.

Understand, we were fully aware of the true enemy and to this day because of shared children, we still face our enemy on a daily basis.  You see, for us, our spouse was and remains the enemy.  He was a man being used by the true enemy to oppress, berate, demean and abuse.  Our spouse spoke the name of Jesus to those he needed to impress, but his actions, the actions we witnessed, confirmed otherwise.

For us, it took time to wrap our heads around the truth of our situation.  For us, all we could hear were your accusing words informing us we were the problem.  No matter how many prayers we prayed, questions we asked, counseling sessions we attended, we were not fighting hard enough or praying loud enough.  You left us burdened by the weight of our heartache and believing we were the cause.

As if the despair we felt for our decaying family was not enough, you heaped sorrow upon our suffering while drenching our open wounds with feelings of guilt and shame.  And then you handed our abuser the match leaving him to devour what was left of our broken spirits.

But God!  You see, He steps in when others walk away.  Truthfully, He never leaves, but instead, because of those thundering opinions around us, we often lose track of His voice.  However, rest assured, when He speaks, He calms the storm and reminds us exactly who is in charge and who wrote The Book.

He reminds us that abusers live in a consistent pattern of sin which according to scripture, means they are not a Christian.  Instead, a true Christian is one who struggles with sin, yet hates it and pursues forgiveness from God.  This is not the way of our abuser.  Numerous passages speak to this truth.  Here are a few. Psalm 50:16-22, John 13:34-35, Romans 8:3-9.

For those in leadership, the ones who have been given charge over the sheep, to each pastor and elder who walked hand in hand professing to the do the work of God, hear our voices as we beg of you, please educate yourself.

With that said, if you as leaders are striving to accomplish what God has called you to, please, do not demand that we return to our abuser.  As a shepherd, your job becomes that of protecting your sheep, especially the weak ones, which means not sending us back to the wolf.  And by all means, refrain from using Matthew 18 as a way to manipulate us into doing it your way.  More often than not, this passage lacks relevancy to our situation for the reason that our abuser is not a Christian.  See 1 John 3:6-10.

So it is not hard to figure out who are the children of God and who are the children of the diabolical one: those who lack right standing and those who don’t show love for one another do not belong to God.

1 John 3:10

As the Body of Christ, it should be your mission to protect those who have been harmed by abuse.  1 Corinthians 12 speaks of the Body of Christ saying that if one member of the body hurts, all members hurt.  The church should be a safe haven for victims and not a place of safe hiding for the evilness of the prowling wolf leaving the broken sheep to scatter.

As leadership you should understand the strategy of the wolf.  His gameplay of fake repentance.  The tears he will shed, the walks to the altar at the conclusion of a service for all to see.  He will play you. 

However, until you witness true repentance, repentance that involves claiming his actions instead of blaming his victim or minimizing his own actions, requesting genuine spiritual accountability, seeking out the service of a true professional in the psychiatric field, you should stay away.

Now understand, we as survivors realize God can change anyone.  That there are men who have repented and now walk with Jesus. Nevertheless, we need you to understand this, a man must be willing to submit to God and allow God to transform his heart.  A simple prayer asking for forgiveness through streaming tears, which we have witnessed thousands of times, does not confirm that change.

In conclusion, I leave you, the church leadership who cast us aside, with these words, be aware of the problem.  Understand the countless facets of domestic and spiritual abuse.  Do your research. Become educated.

And for the lives of the precious children involved, do not counsel couples where claims of abuse are made.  Instead, admit to your lack of training in this area and work with these couples in seeking out those qualified and trained to diagnose and counsel those in need of dealing with this growing problem found in our churches.

And to those who were cast aside, God is good.  He is faithful.  He will envelope us with His love and shower us with His grace.  Just trust His hand and allow His voice alone to lead.

With love,

Those who’ve been enveloped by His love





The Faith & Courage Teeter-Totter

We often refer to our mamas as “courageous” or “brave”. What exactly does that mean?


Courage: 1. the ability to do something that frightens one,  2. strength in the face of pain or grief.
Courage is when a woman is completely terrified of the consequences of leaving her husband, but nevertheless decides to take her children and flee from the abuse. She must decide that despite the risks, (i.e. that her husband will lie and turn everyone against her, that he will use the court system to take her children, that she will be poor and on the streets, that her children will not understand, that her husband may try to kill her, that God Himself may abandon her, etc) — she must act. 


To break out of this prison also requires a leap of faith that whatever is waiting for her on the other side, is better than what she is trapped in now. It requires faith that somehow – the risk is worth taking. It is astounding that any of us break out of these prisons at all, considering what is required!


Faith: 1. complete trust or confidence in someone or something  2. strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof.


Courage and Faith go hand in hand.. like both ends of a teeter-totter. When it is balanced, it is an act combined with hope. It strengthens our trust in God, while gaining ground in the present and moving us forward in concrete ways. God works both in the natural AND in the spiritual. (1 Cor 15:46)


When we have faith but very little courage, we get disillusioned when miracles don’t happen. (Why didn’t God answer my prayers and change my husband’s selfish heart so that we could just be a happy family? Why didn’t God act miraculously on this situation so that I didn’t having to risk anything? Why do I have to face this road at all? Where is God??)
A lot of times this extreme imbalance leads to complaining and no positive change in circumstances.


When we have courage but very little faith, we get grim-faced, hardened, and fatalistic.  (Here I am again, going to war with only a steak knife and some rubber bands. Might as well prepare the funeral arrangements now and there’s no sense in quitting smoking  – because stress, right? God sure seems like a sadist, doesn’t He?)
A lot of times this extreme imbalance leads to self-destructive behaviors – because if there is no hope, what does it matter?


 If we are all out of balance we have to seek God for the part that we’re missing. (Or if we seesaw up and down violently we can pray for stability because –ouch). When we are exhausted and terrified of another court battle we’ve got to put on our armor and show up like Joshua. (Joshua 1:9)  When we are in despair and have given up on life, we’ve got to constantly preach to ourselves that God promises to show us love in the land of the living and there is hope for the future. (Ps 27:13)


Because we’ve all been there, haven’t we? And if we’re on opposite sides of the teeter-totter, we can talk and pray together to balance each other out. xoxo

Embrace the Loneliness (by Nicole)

Making the decision to leave an abusive relationship brings about a lot of complications but most of all pain. Those choosing to leave are unprepared for the issues that follow the choice to leave. Often the forest cannot be seen through the trees and the belief exists that if one can just escape the wolf, there will be relief. Though a moment of relief presents itself in the beginning, it quickly disappears leaving those who escape ill-equipped for the battle that pursues. The attacks of the wolf are violent and relentless. The mission of the wolf becomes to crush, isolate, divide, and destroy while leaving the victim totally and unequivocally alone.

The darkness that follows engulfs like a tidal wave. It consumes the entirety of a victim’s being. Searching through the remnants left in her life, she grabs hold of anything looking for something familiar yearning for any form of comfort in the pain. She longs for something to fill that void of emptiness caused by the chaos and destruction of the wolf. Fragments of the life she once knew, lay scattered. Tears flow from both grief and relief. The confusion of it all leaves her exhausted, frightened and alone.

Only a victim of abuse can understand the loneliness of abuse. For you the victim, there exists the familiar feeling you have known and felt for far too many years. A feeling that brings isolation as you stand totally alone in the middle of a gigantic cavern yelling, screaming at the top of your lungs for someone to throw you a rope, a line, a way of escape. You want to be rescued. But no one hears. No one comes sweeping in on the white horse. Or do they?

Leaving takes courage. Leaving takes recognizing your worth. Leaving takes understanding who Jesus is and who you are in His eyes.

For those unaware, a victim of abuse perceives herself as the cause of all those things that have happened to her. Had she only been a better wife. Been a better mom. Kept a better home. Had more sex. Spent less money at the grocery store. Paid more compliments. Stayed quiet more often. Prayed more. And on and on it goes. She places the world and all of its problems upon her shoulders, wishing she had just done something different. Even believing she had the ability to alter anything happening around her. She finds it hard to breathe as she sorts through the mess that has become her life.

For a woman in abuse, leaders in the church are often the chief oppressors as she attempts to escape. The guilt laid upon a woman by male leadership often leaves women in scary, sickening marriages/relationships. One of the greatest acts of courage for an abuse victim to overcome becomes that of following Jesus and not the voices surrounding her. More often than not, the voices in this world are the only voices an abuse victim can hear. She has spent years being verbally beaten making it almost impossible to hear that still small voice of Jesus calling to her heart. The loud and demanding voices of the world make it difficult to identify the love of Jesus surrounding her.

Jesus cared and still cares for women. In the day when Jesus walked this earth, women had little to no worth. They were overlooked and definitely not heard. But when Jesus entered the scene, He showed their value and His Father’s amazing love for them by listening. One of the vast issues of an abused woman is that she has never been truly heard.

By simply opening and reading a Bible, it doesn’t take long to discover that Jesus broke all the rules when it came to women. He extended respect and dignity which was something that did not occur up to this point in the culture. Jesus revered women, and because Jesus was God in the flesh, the respect He had for women was expressed through Him from God.

Several stories found throughout the Bible represent the importance of women to Jesus. From the woman at the well, to the woman caught in adultery, to the women who bled, Jesus showed them all honor and respect. He listened to them. He showed them compassion. He extended both grace and love to each woman placed in His path. Jesus stood up for the women that the men of the world cast aside.

Consider the woman who entered the house of Simon. A celebration was taking place in his home and Jesus attended the party. While everyone is eating and having a wonderful time, a woman wanders in off the street and falls at the feet of Jesus. She is so overcome by emotion that her tears fall upon the feet of Jesus. As she cries, she uses her long hair to wipe His feet clean. And in this story, not only is a woman seeking forgiveness found but one who is expressing her love and devotion to Jesus as well.

Now picture those religious (male) leaders standing around. A self-righteous stench fills the air as they look down upon the sinful prostitute. However this moment, this exchange between Jesus and this woman serve as an eternally noteworthy moment. Jesus probably being fully aware of the shame this woman had experienced throughout her life accepts her. Moreover, not only did He accept her, He rejected those leaders for their lack of manners. He points out that not one of those leaders had taken the time to anoint His head with oil or even wash His feet when He entered the house. He built up the woman and demonstrated respect, despite her past. She had value in the eyes of Jesus. This is true for every woman. Jesus loves, respects and values women.

For the victim of abuse, this truth can be quickly forgotten. For the victim of abuse, simple words from a husband, male church leader or even a friend or family member can quickly swallow up that truth. However, here is the truth that each woman who has left a wolf needs to embrace today.

You are loved. You are cherished. You are seen as valuable and worth fighting for. You were created with a purpose. God has immense plans for you and no matter where you find yourself today, no matter what situation who have walked away from, God WILL use you. He will use your story.

He will redeem your life. He will take all those moments of pain and loneliness and replace them with hope. Jesus desires to rescue you. He stands there with arms wide open, ready to protect and love you in a way in which you have never experienced. I understand the challenge of tuning out those voices in your head. I recognize the difficulties found in ignoring the stares, glares and whispers, but trust me when I say, Jesus loves YOU and He desires to rescue you from the pain of your past. So today, embrace the loneliness you feel and fall into the arms of Jesus. Experience the unending love of the One who died to bring you life.

For the Lord you God is living among you.

He is a mighty Savior.

He will take great delight in you with gladness.

With His love, He will calm all your fears.

He will rejoice over you with joyful songs.

Zephaniah 3:17

When You Support the Abused Spouse, You Support the Abused Children

This is a guest post. Please read this testimony and understand why it is so important to the Give Her Wings family to support “our” mamas — because we are not just supporting the mamas; we are supporting her little lambs, as well. Read and be edified:


Throughout the marriage, Defendant was both emotionally and physically abusive to Plaintiff and the minor children. He would scream, shake, pinch, grab, push, throw, slap, and otherwise attack the family. On March 12, 2009, Defendant became angry with the oldest child. He grabbed him from his bunk bed and held him upside down and shook him. The child was crying and quaking in fear. That night the neighbor accompanied Plaintiff to the travel agency and helped purchase tickets for her and the children. The Plaintiff and children left him the following day and returned to her hometown.

While going over some old paperwork, I found our custody order from years ago and this was point number 19, among many points, documenting my escape from an abusive marriage and giving reasons for why I should have custody of our children. When I read this, I thought about all of the people (including my own family, my church, all of his family and lots and lots of my friends) who told me that I was doing the wrong thing by leaving and divorcing him. I wonder how easy it was for them to separate the spousal abuse from the child abuse. I wonder if they realize that I probably would have stayed and allowed myself to be abused if I did not have beautiful children who needed protection. I wonder if they realize that, when they turned on me, they turned on my children. Do you think they see that? Because if they did not believe the abuse really actually happened, they do not believe my children, either. And my children remember.
We are all advocates for children, right? When a woman is being abused by her husband, please note that the children are, as well. If they are not being abused, yet, they are well on their way. If they are not well on their way, they are learning that abuse is normal, which is a very twisted form of abuse. I thought I could protect my children but the abuse got worse as my children got older. And wrestling a great big man twice my size away from a pre-teen boy is harder than one might think. All of you who did not believe me? You don’t believe my children, either. And they don’t really care to have much to do with people who don’t believe in their very real suffering. And I don’t blame them one bit.
My son and I have had to have a lot of talks about healthy sexuality because his biological father showed him pornography beginning at about the age of 4 and he cannot get those pictures out of his head. It breaks my heart to no end. My ex husband was beginning to crawl into bed with my little girl and “falling asleep” there to “comfort her”, with me terrified and unable to rest, prying him away time and again. My littlest son was hiding behind me when his father came home while his father yelled at him, at 3 years old, calling him a “mama’s boy”. What would you do, in that situation? What would you have done? Would you have been able to look at those little ones, realizing that they were dying inside, losing their smiles and the very light of their eyes, and done nothing?
What my ex husband did to my body and my mind was tremendously wicked. I am still suffering the consequences. And I should have left, just for that. But, when I saw what was happening to my children, I could not stay.
When you do not choose to support, believe or protect wives who are trying to convince the world that their husbands are abusing them, you are choosing NOT to support, believe or protect her children. Is that admirable? No. And it is deplorable to Christ, who had many words to say to those who would harm His little ones (Luke 17:2). When you choose to judge a mother for pursuing divorce because of abuse, you are choosing to judge her children who have been abused, as well. When a mother makes the agonizing decision to take her children and leave, chances are, she is being driven by that tremendous God-given ability to protect her little cubs. And when others stand there pointing at her in judgment . . . . well, that is between them and God. And, that right there, is part of why mothers who leave abusive marriages with their children in tow are the bravest mothers that I know (among one-thousand other reasons). They know they will suffer loss in terrible ways. But, they will do anything to protect their children. That is not to say that a woman who leaves without her children or a woman who does not have children and leaves is any less brave. The fear is still there. But, what I am saying is this . . . I’ll say it again and again: When you do not support a woman for leaving for abuse, you are perpetuating the abuse of her children. Period.
Is that not good news? You have a tremendous opportunity to help mothers and their children to be free and find joy and life again. Why is the church not doing this? I suspect it is because of the disease of the Pharisees. We can look just a little bit holier if we can look down our nose at those with “broken marriages”, as though it were intact before she left . . .
 I have personally reaped the incredible blessing of being helped by the Give Her Wings family. As a result, my children have been given hope that there are those out there who love Jesus and will show His love in a very real way. It rescued my heart from turning my back on God. I am living proof that Give Her Wings ministers to the deepest part of a woman’s soul. I will never forget the guttural sound that came out of my son’s body the night his father shook him, but he and I will never forget what this ministry has done for us. Thank you Give Her Wings family, for loving me . . . . and loving my children.

Introduciendo nuestro magnifico brazalete (Hecho a Mano)

DSC_0787Nos sentimos increíblemente emocionados de poder ofrecer para la venta estos magníficos objetos de arte en beneficio de nuestra Mamas del mes de abril y mayo! Todos los ingresos van a ayudar a estas dos mamas para que puedan comenzar desde un lugar mejor después de salir de sus respectivos cónyuges abusivos. Estos brazaletes expresan lo que deseamos que todas las mujeres pudieran comprender: que Jesús es una cubierta para nosotros – nuestro Protector – independientemente de lo que suceda en nuestras vidas, podemos correr a Él y encontrar seguridad para nuestros corazones, almas y cuerpos. Asi es como queremos que todas las mujeres reconozcan lo preciosas que son para El Señor.

Este es uno de los versículos favoritos de nuestra organización.  Existimos para ayudar a las mujeres que fueron anteriormente descuidadas, oprimidas y maltratadas a encontrar sus “alas” otra vez.  Por el cual aveces es demasiado difícil al principio. . . mucho miedo o demasiado riesgo, q muchas veces en situaciones como esta es que tenemos que aprender a escondernos debajo de las alas de Jesús…… Y luego sus alas se convierten en nuestras alas. A medida que crecemos por medio de su imagen y semejanza aprendemos a parecernos cada vez más a Él, y finalmente volvemos a volar.  Pero las aves no solamente vuelan….. ellas tambien cantan, son libres. Libres para volar, y aún siendo libre mantenemos la capacidad de volver otra vez debajo de la seguridad gloriosa de nuestro Padre Celestial si queremos. ¡Qué hermoso es eso!



¿Tienes una mujer en tu vida que necesita este recordatorio todos los Dias? ¿Ella necesita saber lo preciosa que ella es para su Redentor? Tan preciosa que tiene la libertad de recurrir a El todo los días si es necesario? Si es así, por favor considera comprar una de estas bellezas. Son estampadas y hechas a mano y no se empañan. Además, estamos muy contentos de ofrecer estos brazaletes en Español este año!!!


Cada pieza es personalizada, por lo cual no habran dos pulseras identicas. Los diseños de plumas son un poco diferentes en cada brazalete. Esperamos que les encantará tanto como a nosotros – un hermoso recordatorio de que cada uno es único y precioso para nuestro Padre. Cada brazalete tiene un broche de corazón y tiene un par de plumas y lazos en cuero color de rosa.


También, al igual que los últimos dos años, por favor tenga en cuenta que, dado que estos brazaletes están hechos a la orden por Monique, pueden tomar alrededor de  1-3 semanas en llegar. El precio es de $35 y esto incluye el envío! Estarán disponibles durante 6 semanas. Vaya aquí para comprar su brazalete (y por favor tenga en cuenta de especificar si desea que el suyo sea en Inglés o Español ). Si usted tiene algún problema durante el proceso de su orden, por favor no dudes en enviarle un mensaje a Marisabel. Su email es:



Muchas gracias de parte de nuestra Mama de Abril (“Sunbeam“), de parte de nuestra Mama de Mayo (la cual sera anunciada pronto), y muchas gracias de parte del equipo de “Give Her Wings” (“Dale sus alas”)


The Reality of Domestic Violence in America by Nicole

Are you in love with your significant other?  Do they make you feel safe?  Loved?  Cherished? Respected?  Honored?  Adored?  If you can answer yes to those questions, count yourself blessed.

Marriage is hard.  It takes a lot of work, patience and communication.  But for some, it is not as simple as work, patience and communication.  For some it is a matter of fighting for their life.  Fighting to keep their head above water.  Refusing to drown under the weight of a hardened individual.

Are you aware of the consequences a woman faces when she finally musters up the strength to leave an abusive situation?  Many do not so here are a few:

  1. Fear of retaliation from the abuser by many means:

  • Emptying of bank account

  • Refusal to pay bills

  • Threatening to take children away

  • Stalking

  • Left with no financial way to care for children

  • Harassment from abuser

  • Destroyed credit issues leaving the victim with no means to purchase a car, rent a home, open a new bank account

  • Continued emotional and verbal abuse

  • Created alienation of those in the victim’s life

  1. Rejection by friends

  2. Rejection by family

  3. Rejection by church

These are but a few.  Much is involved but be certain of this, it takes great amounts of courage and strength for one to stand and say, “I am valuable and I will not take the abuse any longer” as they leave.

It happens every day.  And the majority of women taking this step are doing it without the support of their family, friends, and church family. They are alone, scared and left to fight for the welfare of their children without the proper support and resources.  It is terrifying.

Do you know that if you commit a crime that could carry possible jail time in the United States you are given an attorney if you cannot afford one?  Are you aware that a woman who has been a stay at home mom for her children and has no financial means available after leaving an abusive situation is expected to provide for her own attorney? She is allowed to stand before a judge on her own while the abuser who has the necessary and available funds (and may even have more than one attorney) fights against her.  Our system allows this to take place every day.

It is so unfair and sickening.  The damage being done to the children in our country because of the “rights of a parent” is absurd and disgusting.  My passion is to see it changed – but it cannot be done alone.

Thankfully it begins with baby steps.  God has given me the amazing privilege to work with an incredible ministry.  A ministry that walks alongside women and their babies left stranded and who need help getting back on their feet.  Supporting women crushed by years of abuse with broken wings needing to be healed by God’s love.

I accept that many will never understand the pain others suffer. I accept that unless some things happen to you personally, it’s hard to acknowledge and understand the hurt it causes to others. Sometimes we need to step back and realize people are hurting. But not only hurting, they are suffering. They need to be rescued. They need the assurance that someone cares and loves them. They need their broken wings healed. They need HOPE. Will you please visit Give Her Wings and consider supporting our ministry?  Whether through prayers or financial support, we need your help. Will you help us in offering someone hope?  Will you walk with us as we minister to those who need the love of Jesus poured over them?

I ask you to pray about how you can be a part of this great ministry.  What simple things could you give up in order to help a mama and her babies put food on their table, electricity in their home, or even shoes on their feet?

*Would you be willing to give up one visit to Starbucks each week and donate that amount monthly?

*Would you be willing to eat out one less time each month and donate that amount?

Please visit and read some of the precious notes from the mama’s who have already been helped through this ministry and read more about what it is we do.

Co-Parenting with Wolves, Part 6: Our Crisis of Faith

This is the last installment of our co-parenting series! We hope you have found this series helpful. We know that one of the worst parts of this journey is the crisis we have in our faith, when our lambs are in danger and it doesn’t seem like God is listening.

We might start to wonder if He really cares, because after all, the Word repeatedly tells us that He is a safe place in times of trouble (Psalm 9:9). That He will fight for us (Deut 3:22). That we can take refuge in Him (Psalm 46:1). That He is a rock (Psalm 18). That He cares for his sheep (Isaiah 40:11). That the widow and the fatherless are of utmost importance to Him (Deut 27:19, James 1:27).

And yet.. we doubt. Because we’ve been waiting for so long for justice and our lambs are suffering. Take heart, mama. Lift up your eyes to the Holy One, because down here you can’t see more than 2 inches in front of your face.


If you missed any of the other videos in this series, here are the links:

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Co-Parenting with Wolves, Part 5: The Wolf in “Rage Mode”

We know the wolf can be charming, and we know he likes to put on a sheep suit and get attention and self-pity (usually to disguise the fact that he just tried to eat one of the sheep).  But what do we do when the curtains are closed, and nobody is there to witness, and he rips off the sheep suit and bares his fangs?

This is the part that keeps us terrified for our lambs’ safety, and willing to dance to the wolf’s tune if only he promises not to eat our lamb. Right?

Well. Here at Give Her Wings, we know that


Here are quick links to the first 4 posts/videos in this series, or you can go directly to our video tab here.

Part 1: What is a Wolf?

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Stay tuned for the last video in this series, Part 6: The crisis of faith we have when we are battling wolves for our children! God bless you all, xoxoxo