Second August Mama — “Daisy”

We are so thankful to Teresa Costantino-McKeever and her fabulous husband, Mark . Teresa made a great big trek to visit with our newest mama, “Daisy” .  It was above and beyond! Teresa and team-member (Lori) discovered that this sweet mama has been living in a shelter and is now temporarily living with a friend. She has five beautiful children but has, sadly, lost custody of them. She is devastated. So many abusive men have the financial resources to hire expensive, bull-dog attorneys and “our” mamas are left with so little. I cannot imagine losing my children. This precious lady is more than heart-broken.

“Daisy” did not know that she was being abused early on in the marriage. She learned later that his financial and emotional control of her life was abuse. He became physically abusive towards the end of the marriage and she made the agonizing decision to leave him.
Daisy works 30 hours per week at a job which pays $9 per hour. She pays $750 per month to her ex for child support (awful). Her greatest need, according to her, is paying for the psych evaluation that she needs in order to hopefully regain custody of her children and be able to see them more. She desperately wants her children back! This precious lady is also having car troubles and we are hoping to be able to help with that. “Daisy” has no family support, due to a strict and legalistic upbringing. She has been described as a very smart, confident, and hardworking woman. We are so excited to be able to help her! Please pray for “Daisy” as she presses forward. We want, so badly, to minister to her. By the way, we love her name! It shows a sunny and hopeful disposition, even in the midst of incredible trials. Please join us in praying for this amazing lady. Pray, especially, for her heart as she is missing her babies.
Megan and the Team of Give Her Wings

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  1. Oh, Megan, my heart breaks for Daisy. I cannot even imagine the horror of this kind of injustice. O Lord God, wrap your arms of love around this woman. Deliver her children from the mouth of the devourer, I pray. O Lord, hear our prayers. Megan, please give her my love from South Carolina.

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