Our Two July Mamas — “Junia” and “Held by Jesus”

We are so grateful to the family of God for their continued support of our ministry! Because of your donations, we have been able to pay bills for these two precious ladies in the amount of $3000! (see below) You gave them hope and you gave them joy and you helped remind them that they are not alone because the Bride of Christ really does love them. 

Here are the two powerful stories of our two July mamas:

“Junia” chose her name because discovering a dynamic woman in Scripture was life changing for her and for her daughter. Having lived in oppression for so long, it was a cool drink of water for their souls to discover this amazing lady in the Word of God. Junia said to us,

Early in the separation process, my oldest daughter and I happened to read in the that the usual translation of the apostle “Junius” in the Bible is actually incorrect, and should be Junia. That was huge for us, and felt like a stepping stone away from feeling like we were trapped in a religion where women were second-class citizens, and not truly full children of God. For me, that was the first step towards rethinking a lot of what I’d been taught and finding my way back to God for myself. I’m still on that path now.
Wow! Oh, YES YOU ARE A FULL-FLEDGED CHILD OF GOD, dear lady! And He cares about you so much, that He sent Give Her Wings to tell you so!
Junia has 3 children, all of them high-needs. When our ambassador, Bethany Shields, went to meet with her, she found that Junia’s rent is very reasonable but the stress level, in their home, is too much to allow for Junia to work full-time. Bethany also discovered that Junia has been alienated from her church home, as her ex husband still attends there. (Sidebar: We hear about this al the time. And it saddens us, deeply) Junia has much to sort through and we want to help her with this! After spiritual and emotional abuse for decades, there is bound to be some deep pain and scarring. But, we were so happy to be able to pay her July rent and some car repairs to help Junia press through. Please continue to pray for these precious lady and her three little lambs. And pray for us, as we minister to these brave folks!

Held by Jesus” has one of the sweetest dispositions any of us have ever encountered! Teammate Lori and ambassador Millie Wilhelmson spoke incredibly highly of her character! We were so happy to be able to help Held and her eight children (yes, you read that right!). Held was married to an abusive man for 27 years and has recently escaped. She suffered psychological, emotional, sexual and spiritual abuse at the hands of the one who was supposed to love her and protect her. Held did go to the church for help and they stepped in to provide counseling. After another physical injury from him, Held went to get a protection order. The church found out and asked her to drop it and continue counseling. She did as they asked. His issue with pornography and alcohol abuse continued, with him getting two DUI’s. After counseling failed, the church backed off and, naturally, the abuse resumed.

After Held suffered a more severe injury, she was able to get a court order and she has been released from the horror that was her marriage. Held is in the very early stages of leaving so she needs tremendous support. We want to give that support!
We have been tremendously blessed to be able to pay for her electric bill and other utilities to keep her household running this month. Please continue to pray for us and for her as we discover how we can best minister to her.
As always, your donations are making a life-altering difference in the lives of “our” mamas and their babies! If you would like to sign up to be an angel, please go here. If you would like to check our our July House-warming party, please go here. We need all of your help!
The Team of Give Her Wings (David, Megan, Carrie, Tammy, Laura, Bekah, Michelle, Lori, Adam, Audrey & Chuck)
Artwork Credit: “Aspens” by Megan D Cox

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