Our Team

Our Team

(*denotes board members)


David Cox (President)*

Dr. David Cox has served as a pastor for most of his adult life and understands life’s difficulties, not only from counseling hurting people in his pastoring role, but also from his own first marriage that resulted in divorce. His love for Megan (co-founder of Give Her Wings) and their resulting marriage has opened David’s eyes in an even greater way to the challenges facing women who are brave enough to trust God in leaving a perpetually abusive marriage. David loves people and finds great joy in seeing those who were once hopeless become restored to a full and confident heart of hope and faith in Christ.

Megan Cox*

Megan does this because she has been there. She left Europe with her four children and four suitcases and started over with nothing. The trauma and stress of the pending divorce and custody battle loomed heavy over Megan and made it difficult to work full time while caring for the children. Not all women are given any sort of financial help or child support. Megan was one of these women. And people helped her get on her feet in miraculous and beautiful ways. She has a writer’s heart, so you’ll probably see Megan’s hand most at work on our blog and on our Facebook page. What you won’t see are the hours she puts in planning each fundraiser. Each lady that we seek to help is very close to her heart.

Megan is the author of Give Her Wings: Help and Healing After Abuse. You can visit her personal page to learn more.

Carrie Miller (Secretary)*

Carrie first got to know Megan while helping with a fundraiser for Give Her Wings.  Shortly thereafter Carrie was asked to join the ministry team at Give Her Wings.  We quickly learned about Carrie’s knack for organizing information and soon asked her to be our Secretary.  Carrie has a heart to serve our Mamas and their families.  She sends out correspondence to our Mamas on their Birthdays, when they have experienced a death in their family or an illness, and sends little notes when our Mamas are facing very difficult times. Carrie is a Tutor at her local elementary school, is married to a Pastor and has two wonderful children.

Tammy Thomas*

Tammy has known David Cox for several years now, having attended church where he was a preaching pastor. Since then, she has gotten to know Megan and found that they have similar passions. Tammy has a deep desire to help spiritual widows and orphans get back on their feet in every way — financially, spiritually and emotionally. So she did not have to think long when asked to be on the Board of Give Her Wings. Tammy works as a realtor, is married to a wonderful man and has two beautiful, grown daughters.

Laura Dyke*

Laura  left an emotionally and verbally abusive relationship herself many years ago, and longs to help others experience the joy that comes from freedom.  Her heart’s desire is that no woman is forced to live under the bondage of abuse….physical, mental, or otherwise.  Laura is thankful that God has chosen to use her as a vessel in this ministry.