Our Team


David Cox (President of Board) is the proud father of seven children, and counts his wife, Megan, among the greatest blessings of life! He accepted Christ as his personal Savior at the age of 10 and went on to serve churches throughout the United States in various capacities for 25 years. He currently works in sales in the automobile industry. David holds both the Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degree. He loves to camp and loves anything outdoors. He is extremely excited about Give Her Wings and assisting those who need help and hope following abuse. He and Megan and their younger children reside in Denver, Colorado, where they have lived since 2013.

Bekah Mason, Th.M., is a mom, educator, advocate, writer and hopeless nerd from Chattanooga, TN. She is a member of The Pelican Project and currently serves on the board of Give Her Wings, though she has been around from the beginning as a donor and team member as well. She has written for Boundless, Christianity Today, and Christ and Pop Culture on the topics of singleness and sexuality. Bekah can be found online on Twitter (@bekahmason) and her blog, www.bekahmason.com.

Patrick Doyle has a very relatable counseling style that draws upon his personal experience as much as his professional training. He has over 25 years’s experience in therapeutic counseling. He’s been the assistant director for Genesis, Asante Health System’s drug and alcohol treatment center. He has been on the board of directors for Southern Oregon Drug Awareness, and assisted in several domestic violence task forces and treatment programs in Jackson and Josephine counties. He is a pastor, a television and radio talk show host, and a guest speaker for countless seminars and retreats.

Pat is married with two young adult sons. His popular television & radio show covers a range of controversial topics. Tune in at 8:00 am Tuesdays on the Dove TV, 91.7 FM or 88.1 FM, or watch online at www.thedove.us. You can also find information on his counseling practice at: www.veritascounseling.com.

Chuck Hermle has been with Give Her Wings for two years and currently serves on the Board. Coupled with a degree in Production Agriculture, he is a 5th generation farmer, serves his community as a volunteer firefighter and as a deacon in his church. Chuck has served Give Her Wings mamas focusing on practical needs along with his wife, Audrey, with whom he recently celebrated 40 years of marriage. Chuck is a father of seven and is affectionately known as “Papa” to his six grandchildren. In his spare time, Chuck is a hockey fan as both a spectator and participant. He loves building construction and can repair almost anything.


Megan Cox is one of the Founders of Give Her Wings and is now Executive Director. She holds an MAR in Pastoral Counseling and is certified in Crisis Response with the American Association of Christian Counselors. She has also recently accomplished her first unit in chaplaincy training (CPE). Megan loves her job and could not be happier serving the team and the mamas and their babies. She is married to Dr. David B. Cox and has four children, whom she adores (Josiah, Mila, Camden & Bella Joy).

Naomi Ruth is the Assistant Director for Give Her Wings. Well-acquainted with domestic abuse, she has the heart of an encourager and is dedicated to supporting women on their journey from victim to survivor. You’ll find her spending a lot of time behind the scenes sorting receipts, paying bills for our mamas, posting on Facebook, and doing whatever other administrative needs pop up. Naomi home schools her three children in addition to teaching piano and Spanish classes. She loves all things crafty. Daily she sings to the woodland creatures, awaiting the marvelous day they’ll come in to tidy the house.

Ministry Team Members:

Michelle Faro has been serving as a ministry team member for Give Her Wings for 2 years. Before that, she had developed a soft spot for GHW mamas and enjoyed supporting the many campaigns. As a single mom herself, she knew how much it meant to her to be remembered at special times throughout the year by supportive friends and family and wanted mamas to know that they were seen, loved and remembered as well. When not at work, Michelle loves to just be home. Always in comfy clothes, always with candles lit and music on. Doing whichever domestic goddess duties need to get done or just relaxing. She shares her home with her 17 year old daughter, 2 cats and many foster kittens that have come and gone on to be adopted over the past few years.

Audrey Hermle, mom of seven, has served on the Give Her Wings ministry team for two years and has been heartfully walking alongside women from abusive relationships over the past twenty years. Audrey is a retired home school mom of twenty-nine years, is a certified birth doula (ICBD) and is a volunteer mentor to other doulas in her local hospital. She loves cooking, Pilates and being “Gramma” to her granddaughter and five grandsons. She has been married to Chuck Hermle for forty years.

Matilda “Tillie” Weekley, LMT, is a Ministry Team member. As a Licensed Massage Therapist for thirteen years, a medical administrator for ten years and a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from the University of Tennessee, Tillie has devoted her life to the wellness of those around her. Tillie believes in the network of flawed and strong women supporting one another; she recognizes our male allies. She is the lover of small creatures, human and animal. She may also be part spider as she loves flying through the air on strings. She cooks MCs like a pound of bacon.

Bethany Shields is a Ministry Team member for Give Her Wings. She is a survivor, bard, knight in shining armor, and slayer of dragons! Bethany is a military veteran of two wars and has a degree in psychology with an emphasis in family studies. Bethany’s two favorite places in the world are sitting in her personal library with coffee and a good book, or on the Oregon coast with her bare toes in the sand watching the waves. Bethany is married to the amazing Timothy Shields and is an official member of The Agents of Shields along with her three littles Ezekiel, Zebulun, and Justice Mercy.

Mel Proctor lives in FL and is a mother to her beautiful 21 year old daughter and two pups Zoe & Andy. She is a
former GHW momma who went on to flourish receiving a BA degree in Psychology with a concentration in human development. Currently, she is applying to a Masters programs with the goal of becoming a mental health counselor. Her passions in life include global missions, crafting, animal rescue, and helping other women realize that though their past might have been dark, there is a new story to be written and it looks bright, full of hope, and nothing like their past!