Our PRECIOUS August Mama — “Ruth”

We have two mamas that have recently been vetting and we LOVE them. One in the northeast and one, right here in Colorado. Meeting these ladies is an incredible experience. Not only do they (and their precious little ones) remind us of why we do what we do every day, but these ladies are incredible people. Their strength, in leaving, astounds us! It is so hard for them, right now. So, so hard. And yet they are determined. And that is powerful. They are powerful. Here is one story. We are still vetting the second mama :

Ruth: “Ruth” chose her name because she has always loved the story of Ruth. She also remembers watching the movie at her grandparents house on VHS growing up (remember that? Totes awesome). Her grandparents have always been a haven for Ruth, as she grew up in a broken family. Ruth married a military officer (financially, emotionally and physically abusive) so she got to experience the “good-ole-boys-abuse-your-wife-but-get-off-the-hook-club that we see so often in the military (sarcasm). Adam (team member) and I got to visit with her and we were both struck by her incredible fortitude. Ruth is a young woman with a two-year-old toddler. She has recently found a place and will be moving in soon. We will get to help provide her first-month’s rent and we could not be more happy to do so! And, because of your giving, Ruth will have a place to land! Please continue praying for her, as she is fighting to uphold a restraining order and keep her child support.

As always, if you would like to donate to Give Her Wings, please go here. We not only offer valuable monetary support (all tax-deductible) but we spend an incredible amount of time ministering to these precious ladies and meeting where they are, doing all we can to show them Christ’s love.

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