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This will be somewhat vulnerable . . .

I admit that at the beginning of every month since we started Give Her Wings, I have panicked a little bit in my heart. Our entire team knows it. I struggle with doubt. So far, I have been the one on the team to connect with the ladies we are helping. I see their struggles . . . their doubts . . . they helplessness  . . . And I am so afraid that we will not pull through for them. How could I get their hopes up and then we offer them nothing? Nothing?? What if that happens? These women have been broken enough already . . . what if we tell them we will raise money for them and can only offer something small? I would be heart-broken. I would feel like I let my sisters down. I grow anxious.

And, every time, without fail . . . God pulls it all through. By the end of each month, we have raised more than we hoped for or imagined. And I cry a lot . . . and I rejoice at getting to tell the lady we are helping . . . she feels loved, treasured (sometimes for the first time in years) . . . and I thank God, tearfully. I thank Him tearfully because I doubted He would come through for us. I believe . . . I still have a bit of a broken spirit. Just a bit. I still have a hard time believing that God is listening because I felt He was so far away from my cries for such . . a long time. I really think Jesus loves to delight His children. And, He delights me by coming through for each lady we sponsor (sometimes, in the nick of time). And it never gets old. And He never says to me, “MEGAN. Have I not shown you enough??? When will your faith grow strong??” He just doesn’t seem to talk to me that way. He is patient . . . long-suffering . . . and He is good with my faith growing a tiny tick at a time.

When we first started our July campaign, we had a facebook page and a (somewhat lame) Paypal link for donations. We had our necklace designed . . . but we were lacking. However, the team (that is, Dawn, Jeff, Bethany & Kelley) saw my frustration and they got on the ball (ON THE BALL, PEOPLE). Without complaining, while encouraging me in my weakness, they created. And, now, just a few days later, we have this beautiful website (thank you, Dawn), we have a real Paypal account (correct settings) and now . . . this. This beautiful video which gives understanding to what we do here. Set to a song by Jeff S. Perfection.

I wish my faith were greater. I wish I could just be a greater overcomer. Tiny steps . . . with the help of my friends . . . Now, presenting this . . .

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  1. I love how God has put together a team with different strengths (and weaknesses) to work together to love on His girls <3 Hmm...sounds like something He said about the Church (yes, the BIG C Church), eh? Thank you for your sweet heart.

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