Our May Monthly Mama and Our May Encouragement Mama!

The stories were hear are often so similar, although none of us ever becomes jaded or used to hearing about abuse. But, being in the presence of a young single mother, as she shares her story of abuse is powerful. It reminds us, in a fresh way, of why we are doing what we are doing. And it fills us with awe. All of the mamas we help have done brave things. But each story is unique and we are overwhelmed by the steps these ladies have taken toward freedom — alone and in fear and with courage. Read about our May mamas below:

  1. Jenny. David and I were blessed to be able to meet with Jenny, here in Colorado. She sat across from us and tearfully shared her story of pain and courage, through tears. Young and afraid, she told us about how she left with her three babies and headed to a shelter, after finally realizing she was being severely abused (thanks to a pastor who helped open her eyes). She lived there for three months and then moved in with a relative for another three months. She finally obtained a housing voucher and moved into an apartment with her three children. Jenny is utterly overwhelmed. Her children are struggling with some emotional difficulties and learning disabilities. She is balancing survival with being all that the children need her to be, right now. And her voucher ends in September. At that point, she will have some decisions to make. Thankfully, she had mediation with her ex husband and will be able to have custody of their children. (It is rare that we hear such good news!) But, at this point, she will have to be able to make a living and find ways to care for her children. Her church has not known how to help and she has “run out” of family support. We want to do all that we can to help her, financially, and because of our faithful donors, we can!! We will be talking with her, soon, to allocate the $1500 we have set aside for her. We love Jenny and want to bless her. We prayed, after eating at Chipotle, that day, and the three of us wept. I kept picturing Jenny and her three little ones trying to get to safety and it broke my heart in two. She is brave . . . so so brave.
  2. Teresa. Teresa is our May encouragement mama. She is so special to us already! Teresa does not need financial help (right now) but we will be coming alongside her to support her and encourage her through the difficult process she is facing. Teresa filed for divorce 2 weeks ago. Her husband has been emotionally abusive their entire marriage,  and is currently involved with his affair partner from 6 yrs ago. He has now started being verbally abusive to Teresa and her sons, trying to intimidate and bully them, as his anger level has ramped up to a new level that they never seen before! You can only imagine the fear! Very often, an abusive (yet charming) husband shows his true colors when he realizes he has lost control of his victim. Teresa is concerned about what he might do, later this week, as further paperwork is served. Rest assured, Give Her Wings has asked Teresa to take special protective precautions. She and her sons are doing so. Teresa does have support of her four sons, and two daughters-in-law, as well as extended family and church, so she is blessed in that area — moreso than most of “our” mamas. Teresa asks for prayer for their protection, as she says, “I no longer know this man that I am married to, and that scares me a little.” Teresa wants to say “thank you” to our donors, supporters and to the team of Give Her Wings for adding her into our family!
    Painting by Megan D Cox

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