Our March Mama’s Painful Story

It took us so long to get to “Phoenix” — six months, to be exact. From the time we were contacted regarding her plight until the time we were able to reach her this February, we simply could not get to where she is. The trailer she keeps with her three little lambs is out in the middle of nowhere. Every contact we seemed to make with someone we thought was “nearby” ended up being (at best) 8-10 hours away from her. She is caught in a small town with very little resources because of her ex husband and their court orders. Being a foreign national, she does not have family support and cannot return to her home country or she would lose custody of her children. So, she shares custody, in a country that is not her home with a man who continues to make her life hell. He terrorized her and her children with physical and sexual abuse and he continues to terrorize them now. Phoenix holds her children close, every night, wishing she could protect them from the 50/50 custody they share. I cannot imagine the horror her mother’s heart endures. 

She has one friend in this town where she lives . . . one person who has not believed the lies that her ex husband has told about her. That one friend nominated her, and we worked hard to make sure we could find her. 

After a ton of calling around and cries for help, we were finally told that Patrick Doyle could go to vet Phoenix. For those of you who don’t know, Patrick (of Veritas Counseling) is a gifted, Spirit-filled counselor who specializes in trauma. We had heard of him through Leslie Vernick. After one phone call with Patrick, he had set his heart on ministering to Phoenix. We will always be grateful to Patrick for the amount of time he spent talking to Phoenix face-to-face and helping us to best know how to serve her. As it turns out, she is working full time but still only makes minimum wage. She had gotten behind in basic bills (like utilities) and has no heat. She cuts firewood out back, herself, to keep herself and her little lambs warm. Give Her Wings is going to be able to come alongside her, provide a mentor for her and catch her up on her bills by paying them down (and getting ahead) in the amount of $1500.

Friends, this is life-altering for Phoenix for several reasons. First, she said she had never heard of a Christian group that ministers to women “like her” (her words). She wept, on the phone, as I told her that she would not be alone as long as Give Her Wings is in her life. But, the greatest, most healing effect of what we did is not surrounding the money. It surrounds the fact that we moved heaven and earth to get her help. THAT’S what ministered to her the most. We just couldn’t (and wouldn’t) let it go just because it was difficult. We insist on that face to face meeting and we were going to make that happen. Already, I’ve seen Phoenix bloom a little bit. I’m seen signs of life coming from her . . . she seems to be reminded that God has not forgotten her. She chose the name “Phoenix” because it is her rising . . . rising out of the ashes and soon into beauty. She believes God will do this for her and we do, as well. 

If you would like to donate to help “Phoenix”, please click here. Even better, join the Give Her Wings family and become an angel! 

Jesus went looking for that one little lamb . . . and we went looking for Phoenix. The power of searching for a woman who finds herself alone and offering that woman love impacts her more than we can express. And she will never, ever forget it.



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