Our March Mama — “Faith in the Storm” by Lori

Imagine standing on the dark and dangerous downtown streets of a city, at two in the morning, bargaining with a drug dealer to get back the car your husband traded away for drugs. It’s a difficult scenario to put yourself into, and one “Faith in the Storm” never thought she would live out, over and over again.

“Faith” fell in love with a man who was a Christian, a requirement that was very important to her. She was told of his previous struggles with drug addiction, but was assured it was in the past. For several years, it was in the past, but the pull of addiction drew Faith’s husband into a dark and violent place. Bruises, broken teeth and falling asleep to the echoing of his vile words in her head became  commonplace. She wanted a way out for herself and her son, but could not find one. Thankfully, God could and God did.

A person living in Faith’s apartment complex had heard the screaming, knew about the abuse, and offered a vacant apartment for her if she needed a place to go. This was the chance she had been waiting for. With determination, Faith gathered the strength to leave. After 13 years, she could be free and her son would no longer live in a stress-filled home that aggravated his medical conditions.  

Leaving is rarely easy and Faith in the Storm soon found herself receiving hundreds of calls and texts a day from her husband (post-separation abuse). He would show up at all hours of the night, on drugs and without warning, demanding to see their son. Faith realized she needed a protective order and bravely took steps to protect herself and her son.

“We are learning to live again without the stress,” Faith said as I listened to her story. They no longer live in a home with floors coated with eggshells needing to be tiptoed around. There can be peace.

However, in the midst of her new start, there are challenges. Challenges that Give Her Wings needs your support to help Faith overcome. She has taken the scary step of leaving behind the past and now needs help as she transitions into carrying the financial responsibilities for herself and her son. Give Her Wings stands ready to provide that help, but we cannot do it without your generous prayers and financial support of this ministry.

Near the end of my time with Faith, she said, “No matter what lies ahead, I know the worst is behind me.” I could not agree more! We believe in Faith and we believe we can help her! Please partner with us and click here to help us financially support this precious mama. Thank you, friends!



“Swept Away” by Megan D Cox



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