Our February Mama and a Special Thank you to Mary DeMuth! ~ by Megan Cox

Megan got to Meet “Always”, Our February Mama . . . . I wish I could take a picture of the beautiful mama I had the privilege of vetting today. We do all we can to protect their identities so, sadly, we just have a picture of me, as I was getting ready to drive to a different part of the state to meet “Always”. 

Our final step in vetting is a face-to-face meeting. So, we had lunch and talked . . . and talked and talked. Always has been divorced for 1.5 years and has 50/50 custody of her children. Half of the time, they are with their abuser. They are pre-school age and the oldest has some extreme special needs, requiring constant care. Somehow, though, Always has managed to get a part-time job on the weekend. She has two job interviews tomorrow. She is a perfect candidate for Give Her Wings, as we work to be a buffer or stepping stone for women who have left abuse and need to stay OUT of abuse. The number one reason women return is for financial reasons. With the $1500 toward Always’ bills, she can press on, which she has already so perseveringly done. 

Three children. . . . no support. I was so honored to meet this brave woman today. I almost wept when I saw what a good mother she is and how hard she works. But, I honestly did cry when she told me the story about how she had a breakdown, due to the wicked mental, spiritual, emotional and sexual abuse she suffered. She had to go to the hospital for a few days to heal and get away. But, during that time, her ex husband packed all of her things up, took their three itty bitties and moved halfway across the country to his parent’s house. When she was discharged, their home was empty. She was completely alone. Her guilt over feeling like a bad mother and having “abandoned” her children, due to the abuse-driven breakdown was overwhelming. I really believe, whole-heartedly, that he wanted to completely destroy her. 

Miraculously, Always was able to come to her children and fight for custody. Something in her compelled her to keep fighting. And, even though she is God’s warrior-princess, she exudes gentleness. She shone with the fruits of the Spirit as she explained to me how her faith is ten times greater than it ever was before . . . how she is dependent upon God for her daily bread, trusting Him every single day. I saw Him in her. It was beautiful.

She said that every night, now, she goes to each of her babies and hugs and kisses them and says, “What’s the truth?” and they say, “Mommy is always coming back for me.” She said she has always “felt like trash” and no one has wanted to help her before. OH, my heart. If she only knew what I see. If she only knew that I see a glorious creature, created in God’s image and beloved by Him. If she only knew how honored we all feel to be able to help one of God’s girls. I learned so much from her today. I will never be the same.

She is always coming back for her children. Just like Jesus is always coming back for us. 

If you feel so inclined to give, click here. What this money will do for “Always” will change her life. What we do is life-changing. And because we continue to give this ministry to God over and over and each day, He shows favor on us. 

Thank you, for those of you who already support us. Be blessed knowing how you are helping God’s daughters. And, of course, by helping mamas, we are helping their babies. 


HUGE THANK YOU TO Mary DeMuth!!We would like to thank Mary DeMuth (author extraordinnaire), of Restory, and one of my personal heroes for donating over 100 copies of her book, Not Marked: Finding Hope & Healing After Sexual Abuse. Wow!!! We had the joy of being able to send one to each of our team members and ALL of our mamas! Mary, thank you for who you are and all you do. What a gift to ALL of us! Please check out Mary’s resources. She is incredibly generous and has written many, many books about surviving the tough stuff. 
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