Our April Mama — “Belle”

Last weekend, I (Megan) received a frantic message from a precious friend. HER friend, “Belle” (Belle is from the south!), was about to be evicted. In fact, she had 48 hours until Belle and her two little lambs would be out on the street. We scrambled. By God’s providence, one of our team members was just an hour away from Belle. We were able to minister to her quickly. As she talked to our team member, we discovered that Belle was recently divorced from a high-ranking (yet abusive) military officer. Unfortunately, he is able to get away with a lot of post-separation abuse because of his rank. Everyone seems afraid to challenge him. Belle has already suffered massive physical abuse within her marriage and now she is dealing with the painful emotional abuse that often results after a divorce. Friends, this man is intimidating and rough. Due to his position, he was able to cut Belle off from all of their friends, leaving her incredibly isolated, and skip payments for child support. He is taunting and powerful.

Belle is incredibly capable, smart and beautiful. She is doing all she can to build up a business in real estate. Due to the missed child support payments and beginning her work from the ground up, Belle found herself in dire straights, financially. She said, “I just never could have imagined ending up here!” We want to assure Belle that nothing is ending. Not on our watch! In fact, we are doing all we can to bless her, her children and show her a new beginning! Belle’s family blamed her and rejected her, to add insult to injury, and so Give Her Wings wants to come alongside Belle and help her to REALLY KNOW that she is accepted by the Church and by Jesus, due to His redeeming work on the cross. Her inclusion in His Church has nothing to do with her marital status to an abuser!

Because of your GENEROUS giving throughout the month of March, we were able to help this precious lady and her babies stay in their little apartment! We don’t know how to thank you! When we help a mama, our donors are joining us in showing Christ’s love! Belle is deeply encouraged, today, because she knows that so many people still believe in her! Have a blessed day, dear ones, knowing that you enabled Belle to find rest (and sleep at night) for the first time in months!



Credit: Spokane Valley Art



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