Our Video Series

Join us on our Youtube channel for a 6-part series, for help on navigating the stormy seas of sharing your children (“co-parenting”) with an Abuser.  We pray these short videos will aid you in protecting your children and modeling character for them in the safest way possible.


Part 1: What is a Wolf? (see our blog post about this here)


Part 2: A few safety issues before we tackle the beast! (blog post on Part 2)



Part 3: Badmouthing… The wolf is a verbal “spewer” and he (or she) will never stop badmouthing. This is just reality with a wolf. (blog post on part 3)



Part 4: What to do about all the lying! The Wolf is a prolific liar, and sometimes you can’t prove the truth. Is there any kryptonite that works on a Liar? Yes there is, and it’s called discernment. (blog post on part 4)


Part 5: The Wolf in Rage Mode! What do we do when he is terrorizing behind closed doors?

Part 6: The Crisis of Faith – Battling a wolf for our lambs tends to crush our faith and make us despair. Hopefully this is an encouragement to you, if you are in this situation.


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  1. My sister sent this site to me, I left my narcissistic husband 4 years ago. I would be interested in your 2019 fall class, if there is still openings?

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