Megan’s Response to Recent Happenings in the Church

As I prayed for the Church this morning, I sensed God bringing me peace for the first time in days. My heart is grieving over all of the issues that are happening within the church, but I am grateful that there is a little bit of justice and that the painful uncovering of infested wounds may begin to bring some healing.

At the same time, I am still seeing the re-victimization of precious women happening. They are shamed into being silent. They are told to put the past behind them; they are told that they are bitter for bringing up their painful stories of abuse and misogyny. It HURTS to watch. I have seen men praised, of whom I know personally, who have carelessly put women down a hundred times. Today, I noticed a grand tweet praising a seminary professor who went to school with me. I’ll never forget the day that he blew up at our theology professor because I received an ‘A’ on a paper and he received a ‘B’. I sat there, in silence, watching him. I was afraid because he was so incredibly puffed up as he told our professor that I only received an ‘A’ because he liked me and I played the piano. It was humiliating. I have seen people ask for prayer for the man who perpetuated abuse at my seminary . . . and very little asking for prayer for those who are victims of abuse (not to mention their children). I have seen outrage over the “ruining” of men’s careers when these very same men ruined lives. What about the victims?

I don’t understand why there are not more expressions of deep sadness over the lives of the victims. But, if I focus on it too much, I become deeply sad. And, while that fuels my fire to continue with our work, at Give Her Wings, it also takes my mind off of issues at hand, on which I need to focus.

While praying this morning, the stark reality of the fact that only God can change hearts has hit me, once again. People get caught . . . but it does not equal repentance. Not real repentance, at least. We see it all the time. I have seen cover-ups, back-pedaling and discrediting of truth-telling victims. These leaders are not changing their minds. They are not saying to themselves, “Oh my word. What have we DONE?!” No, power is a powerful addiction. Its the same old story that we see in the New Testament. The religiously powerful seem to always abuse. How many times did Jesus point out the down-trodden, oppressed, poor and weak as His rightful followers when they knew Him? Everything is always upside-down.

I cannot wait until Jesus makes it right-side up again. Come, Lord Jesus.

Seeds have been planted and the ugly has been exposed, but powerful men still love their power and they will not give that up so easily. Deep-rooted ideas connecting to poor theology about women are not going anywhere, anytime soon. And it aches to know that.

Women still have very little voice, when it all comes down to it. But here is my joy: Women have a great big voice with God. No powerful man can alter that truth. And that is Who I will go to. He sees, He knows, He is intimately aware of the thoughts of all men and how some of them denigrate and belittle God’s daughters. We are not at the end, yet. So, in the meantime, I am praying. I am asking God to continue to expose evil and validate victims. In the meantime, we will continue our work at Give Her Wings to help women who have been shamed, left desolate, in pain and unsure about whether or not they are in the Kingdom of God because of what churches have done to them. That is all we can do. Please support us. We need you, now, more than ever.




“Sunflower Joy” by Megan D Cox

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  1. What a powerful piece, Megan.

    I’m right there with you, so often shocked and grieved by the double standards we see – particularly within the body of Christ. Yet, like you said, how blessed we are to be able to go to the One who validates and empowers us. It is He who is the source of our strength and encouragement and He who reminds us that the wicked may seem to prosper in this day (and the there may not be anything we can do about them), but there is so much we can do to minister to the broken – and we join together with every intention of doing so!

    May God continue to bless and expand the reach of your ministry!

  2. “…power is a powerful addiction. Its the same old story that we see in the New Testament. The religiously powerful seem to always abuse.”

    The sad reality is that those who are ‘religiously powerful’ will act in the most appalling ways in order to hold onto their power. And in doing so, it seems they cannot see just how far from the example of Jesus they are straying.

  3. So good Megan! I’m so thankful for all that you and Give Her Wings does to fight for women and children. I follow you as well as a few other people/ministries in this battle and it’s so encouraging to hop on Facebook and see people speaking out, evil exposed and victims validated – just as you write.

    I often share these things from my own page and know that I am seen as bitter/unforgiving.. whatever… I’ll continue to stand firm and speak up. But I realize that I’m not at a place where I can focus on it regularly. I have to be careful and make sure to heap on lots of joyful things in my life so it doesn’t overly burden and exhaust me. I certainly want to “carry my cross” and I believe this issue is it. But I love that saying, “Learn to rest, not quit” 💕

    All of the recent exposure kind of reminds me of desegregation. Laws changed and there was public pressure to abide by what was right, but it led to more conformity than true transformation. Public appearance changed but hearts and attitudes, not so much.

    I know that unfortunately what a lot of this exposure amounts to is not real repentance, but it’s definitely a critical, worthwhile step as you explain. These men were never held accountable as my earthly father was never held accountable. Women and children (like myself) are their shields. When they can no longer hide behind us, we can heal and they can experience the consequences of their evil choices.

    The battle may be heavy and painfully slow, but so worth it. I also realize that quick results would likely mean that many victims would remain enslaved as the victorious would quickly move on and maybe forget what it was like. I sometimes mourn to God over how long it’s taking to heal, but keep coming back to the fact that healing may not ever mean completely forgetting but rather acceptance just as I am every moment of every day – wounds/scars/struggles and all, and it all has purpose.

    It’s especially encouraging to know that I have 2 sons who have watched consequences fall on their deceptive, abusive grandfather and with his influence removed, i can influence them to use their strength to protect those under them, not crush them.

  4. Thank you for writing this and going after the injustice against women in so many misogynist abuse promoting churches by holding that darkness up to the light. Those that love darkness are going to persecute you for it. Those that enable darkness will too.

    I was once part of a church that wanted women to basically be invisible except as the indentured servants of their husbands. They were moving women from all areas of ministry including the piano players, replacing them with men and boys. Seriously, a 14 year old boy took over the piano, he wasn’t that good but since he wasn’t a woman that was all that mattered.

    There was such a sense of shame in women, probably most of us were groomed in shame it kept us oppressed. The line I heard so often in the protestant world “women are easily deceived by satan” (as if the gender is particularly problematic) Recently, I heard a young woman leading worship in a massive worship venue in which people bowed their head, as did she, in absolute worship, not of her, she was only an instrument, but of her Creator. It was stunningly authentic, whole heart devotion that left the hearers tearful and in awe. As I wiped away my own tears I thought, a man didn’t get to decide whose worship is made holy by the presence of God. A man didn’t get to control upon whom that Spirit of the Eternal God choose to shine. And then I realized, and no man will ever hold back the truth.

    They can’t lie enough to make the truth not true, and they can’t stop God’s plans. If he wants to shine on a teenage girl he is going to. If he wants to move past their seminaries and find a poor woman, on the wrong side of town with no education and pour out His spirit, light and truth on her, no board of male elders can call that shot. What God can do and does do regularly is choose the things the religious world has called foolish (women) and put them in a place of honor where he gives them the power to speak the truth fearlessly.

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