Megan, This Woman is Amazing . . .

Our GHW team member said to me. She was bubbling over in amazement at how “Wildly Faithful” has managed over the past few years. When we heard her story, our jaws dropped. I mean, we hear stories every day. But this young woman . . . I’m struggling for words. 

Suffice it to say that she is drowning. And yet she has faith in Jesus. I don’t ever think I have heard a story quite like this one. Her husband was abusive in every way. She was young, vibrant and hopeful when she married this man whom she thought would be a loving Christian husband and father. This precious mama was abused as a child and thought that she would find safety in a peaceful home. It wasn’t long before the abuse started (which is often the case). She became pregnant and gave birth to their first child. He started verbally abusing her and demanding to know her whereabouts every minute of the day. The abuse grew to an every day horror. She became pregnant (again) at 20 with twins. At one point during her pregnancy, her husband strangled her. Social services got involved. She left  . . . . for the first time. She was 8 months pregnant. She obtained a DVPO but then she dropped it, hopeful that her husband would attend the birth.

If you are wondering why we do these things (leaving, going back, dropping well-deserved DVPO’s), it is because pregnancy and motherhood make us incredibly vulnerable. And if there is no family support . .. you hope against hope against hope that your babies can have a loving father. You hope that he will change. You don’t want to have to admit the abuse or even use that word. 

Wildly Faithful went into labor with her twins and her ex husband found out where their 3 year old was. He took the child . . . while she was in labor . . . and filed a DVPO against her. When her twins were 3 weeks old, he took full custody of all of the children and Wildly Faithful did not get to see her babies for six months. Six months. During this time, her husband threatened to kill her babies, over and over and over. Because of his smear campaign, Wildly lost all of her friends through his process of isolation, while she kept the abuse hidden. On top of everything else, he also did drugs. 

I don’t know about you all, but I cannot imagine not seeing my newborn babies for six months, knowing they were in danger and knowing their “caretaker” is doing drugs. To me, that would be a constant stage of agony.

Finally, Wildly Faithful was able to obtain partial custody and she has finally opened up about the abuse. He repeatedly physically, nauseatingly, unconscionably abused her. She was a stay at home mom.

For a long time, she has now lived paycheck to paycheck, basically living for her babies. When we heard about her plight and her need to pay rent to boost her financial situation, Give Her Wings wasted no time in getting involved. We want to help this woman desperately — in every way. We want to take this young mother’s hand (she is 23) and walk with her through the incredibly dark forest of loneliness and desperation. We chose this name for her because, throughout this entire process, she miraculously looks to Jesus to sustain her every. single. day. Her faith has deepened OUR faith. She has taught us so so much about trusting Jesus in the midst of hell. 

We have taken on more mamas than were in our budget . . . I’m just going to admit this right now. But we have to trust that God will always provide for these mamas and their little lambs. He loves them. I know He does. So, I’m asking for financial help for June. As always, every little bit helps. I trust God in this. And, as a result of our helping Wildly Faithful, I know that God will give her and her babies what they need. And she will know that He cares and loves her and, even if everyone in her world chooses to look away . . . God will not. WE will not. 

If you feel led to give, please click here. We would all be so grateful.

Thank you for what you do for Give Her Wings. With everything in me. We cannot do this ministry without you.

Love, Megan 

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  1. I’m so sorry my heart goes out to this young woman. Her story sounds so close to mine. However I am disabled, denied ssi, and unable to work. I have no income at this point in time other than scholarship money for college which is keeping a roof over my head. (Im 57) Unfortunately that isn’t a certain thing either. I’m so very sorry.

    I will keep her in prayer and I ask that you all do the same for me please.

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