Meet Our February Mama — “Redeemed by Grace”

She thought she had married the man of her dreams . . .  

“Redeemed by Grace” (our February mama) started seeing signs of abuse shortly after her marriage to her Prince Charming. One day, she came home and he had smashed everything in their house. He was becoming irrational and unhinged. It wasn’t long before he tried to choke her the first time. Redeemed found out that he had a hidden drug problem. She tried to get help and counseling but to no avail. The physical and emotional abuse was escalating and, pretty soon, Redeemed was the classic victim, hiding her bruises and feeling ashamed. This sweet mama held out for eleven years. When she finally pursued divorce, her then abusive husband fought against her to gain everything. Finally, the abuse became so intolerable, Redeemed and her daughter grabbed their suitcases and left. He took everything. Redeemed and her precious girl started out trying to live on a quarter of what they had been making before and, for the past two years, have scraped by. We believe that, by helping Redeemed move into a smaller and cheaper apartment and by helping her catch up with her bills, she will be in a much better position. Just due to some small (but counter-productive) financial crises, she has become so far behind that she cannot even afford the $50 fee for the apartment application and they are struggling to buy groceries. Goodness! Our hearts break as so many of us have been there!

Redeemed is so precious and she loves Jesus with all her heart. As I spoke with her, on the phone, she said, “Megan . . . people ask me why I don’t think about dating and remarriage but, Megan . . . I just can’t.” For so many women, the trauma is so great that fear overwhelms any hope or possibility of being able to ever dream about being intimate, again. Please pray for this sweet lady. Pray that her burdens and stress are relieved and pray for her healing. Pray for us, as we seek to show her Christ’s deep love for His daughter.


As always, all of our mamas have been vetted as per our strict policies and all giving is tax-deductible. Please consider donating if this ministry finds a place, in your heart.

In other news, Valentine’s Send Outs Were Successful!!!! 

Thanks to all of our “angels” (regular monthly givers) and the gifted artist, Indira Jimenez, we were able to lavish our mamas with Valentine’s gifts this year. We are SO THANKFUL to Indira for DONATING 20 lovely hand-made pieces, beautifully decorated with encouraging Scripture, to our mamas! She also hand-wrote encouraging letters to each mama. Wow! If you would like to check out her Etsy shop, click here: Sure and Sweet. She also has a deeply encouraging blog, if you need a shot in the arm today. Indira, you are amazing!! We also got to send out the cutest Valentine’s Day cookies to our mamas. Hopefully, they felt lavished by love this holiday!!


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