Less than 48 hours ago, we asked for help. ~ Megan Cox

And you all came through, above and beyond. We couldn’t believe it as we watched donation after donation come in for Valour (read the story here). Friends, we needed $3000 for our two extra mamas in February. Moreover, I just so happened to mention our Valentine’s gifts (that are lovely and I cannot wait for you to see them!). After I sent the last newsletter, I got on my knees and prayed. Every day, I give Give Her Wings over to Jesus. I pray for our entire board, staff and team. And then I pray for our mamas . . . I go to Jesus on their behalf and I just beg Him for mercy. I ask Him to see my sisters — to see them. I remind Him that He is the God Who Sees (El Roi). I believe that He is moved by the prayers of His people and that He loves to work through them. All day, we watched the donations come in. My heart soared. I knew and understood and was reminded just how much God loves our mamas and loves what we do. 

Dear ones, you contributed $3755.00 total. 

This morning, as I thanked God for His provision, I was reminded of Psalm 23 . . . “God leads me beside still waters and leads me into green pastures. He restores my soul. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will not be afraid. For He will provide a feasting table for me in the presence of my enemies.”

Valour has been surrounded by an enemy who truly hates her, who wants to destroy her. And through Jesus, through your donations and through Give Her Wings, God has provided a feast for her . . . just waiting for her to partake of His goodness. As a result, I believe she will begin to trust Him more. Because of her precious friends nearby (whom we love and trust) and the army of Give Her Wings behind her and YOUR participation, I trust God with her life. He has her. And you helped. We don’t know how to thank you. Our words not adequate for the hope you have given our newest mama. But, nevertheless . . . 

Thank you. From my heart, from the hearts of our team members, from our two newest mamas and ALL of our mamas. Thank you. Our ministry is dependent on your giving. May God bless you, ten-fold, for your boldness and faith and generosity.

With So Much Love,

Megan and the Team of Give Her Wings

Did You Know We Have Crazy Accountability for Our Organization?

If you ever want to see any of our 990 statements, just send an email to admin@giveherwings.com and we will gladly provide you with it. I’m actually pretty proud of how hard we work to keep everything on the up and up. Just for your peace of mind, we have a trained QB expert (Naomi) who is on staff with us but who also works for a CPA (Crystal Huish, who specializes in non profits). Crystal will often also help us with our financials, as well. Further, we are accountable to The Foundation Group, whom we hire to do our 990’s and Charitable Solicitations. Even more importantly to us, we are accountable to a higher standard, as we are a Christian organization who aspires to do everything with integrity before God. 

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