Just Try And Stop Me — by Megan Cox

Megan Cox is the Executive Director of Give Her Wings and has an MAR in Pastoral Counseling. She is certified in Crisis Response with the AACC and has completed Unit 1 of CPE.

The whole week felt like it was exploding on us. We came back from camping as a family and it just felt like everything crumbled through my fingers in a matter of hours. It really felt like too much. I felt attacked from without and within. The whole past 10 days were an awful mess and I had to rely on our incredible Give Her Wings team to pretty much take care of everything while David and I picked up the pieces. Now, we don’t know what to really do with the pieces. But, that’s OK. One day at a time. And that is all we can do. Our kids are fine; our marriage is fine. But it threw us for a loop. Look at these babies. I love them. I even love our cat, Mitzi, even though she looks like she could devour me.

You are welcome, my four beauties, for posting a public picture of all of you with bed head.

Then, other crushing things happened. I took 2 weeks off of work. Again, I just want to make sure that I mention how fantastic our team is. Bekah took the reins and told me not to worry. Bethany, Audrey, Naomi, Michelle, Tillie, David, Elle, Mel, Stan & Chuck told me to let things go and let them do stuff. And they did stuff. And Give Her Wings thrives. (As an aside, I kind of needed to experience this kind of delegation and watch these peeps work their magic)

I’m still taking time off. Because God called me pretty quickly to the bedside of one of our precious mamas, Debbie, in Houston. Thankfully, the board released me and I flew to Houston. I’m sitting in the airport right now, in fact, trying to process. I felt SO ATTACKED up until the very last minute (when someone hacked into our personal bank account, for the love of Pete! RIDIC.).

And then, smooth sailing to Houston.

I had the honor of spending a few days with Debbie and her beautiful daughter (and their cat, Patches). Ya’ll. My heart. Oh, my heart. It was all I could do to not break down as I left. Debbie has stage four liver cancer. But we talked, we laughed, I made a ton of bone broth and soup . . . we watched “Jaws” during the Jaws marathon (Debbie and I are still scared from the 70’s, friends) . . . I cleaned, we did laundry, we prayed, we put oils in a diffuser to brighten the room. I got to enter into her teen daughter’s world for a little glimpse of her sweet life. We bought a lot of food and some supplies for their one-bedroom apartment. We tried new foods. I built a toilet paper pyramid on the back of her toilet because we girls feel secure when there is a pretty solid supply of TP. (you all know I”m right about this but feel free to challenge it)

My TP pyramid. #security

In short, this woman is so much more than a mama we support. She has become a sister. A sister that I have had the privilege and honor of walking with for many years now. And we piled on the bed and talked about food, make up, politics and Jesus. And it was beautiful. And everything felt “right”.

Can you see her beautiful spirit?

I know that a lot of our people don’t believe in the Enemy (Satan). But most of our people believe in the power of evil. And it is out there and I felt that darkness over the past few weeks. But while sitting in the tears and the happy-sad with Debbie and her baby girl, I felt only the golden-powerful-warmth of the Holy Spirit. Ministry is hard; leading is hard. But doesn’t the devil know, by now, that I only gain resolve when he does the things he does? That I answer hate, in my heart, with only more compassion and love? Doesn’t he know, by now, that I don’t respond to his taunts and his nonsense? I rise above that . . . . because I am a child of God. And I hold my head up high. And my prayer is that our team, our board, our volunteers and our mamas watch me rise above and they rise above, too. Because they are also beautiful children of God. That is my hope.

Debbie was so worth it. She is so worth it. And all of our mamas are. I love them so so much and I wish I could give them the world. They deserve all of the goodness.

I cried all the way to the airport today.

But, I also was able to reach out to some amazing friends who are (their words) ALL IN when it comes to serving Debbie going forward. Because God loves her. He loves us. He loves Give Her Wings. And I will never stop fighting for our mamas — no matter what. Look what Karen sent me in a text today:

I could tell she was a little taken back when I told her I was there for whatever she needed.  She started to tell me she didn’t want to be a burden and I told her this was a God timed event. I was here to serve her. It isn’t a burden –  it is a blessing. Whatever she needs. Day or night. I’m there.   Told her I would be there for [teen daughter] too in whatever capacity she needed.  I promise to care for her. She will not feel  alone anymore. 

I wish Debbie knew that just being with her is a gift to the rest of us. That her friendship, her spirit and her heart bless everyone who know her. Our mamas are gifts . . . . beautiful, beautiful gifts.

So, I’m grateful to our team for holding down the fort. I’m grateful to David and the kids for sparing me. I’m grateful for the board for sending me out there to be love to Debbie. I’m grateful to all of you who donate because you make it possible for me to be a minister. So . . . thank you (inadequate) for supporting us.

Hey, friends? Will you pray for me? And pray for Debbie and her baby girl? And pray for your pastors and ministry leaders? They don’t have it easy — I promise you that. It would just mean a lot to me.



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  1. Megan, what a beautiful picture of being Jesus’s hands and feet, Jesus with skin on. That you for sharing this story, your story, Debbie’s story. May we all be willing to serve and love others according to your example!!!

  2. You are amazing! God has been using you to bless so many. I believe I speak for all of us but you are in our prayers.

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