July Fundraising Update

With two days left to go, the cash donation goal has been exceeded! Even though our goal has been met, cash donations are never wasted.  If you still want to give, your donation will be rolled over into the next fundraiser.

Cash donations $1630.25, Necklaces sold 42

We have 8 more necklaces to go to buy the minimum for the price we were quoted.  If you haven’t purchased yet, it’s not too late!  We’re also still asking for someone to purchase a necklace to give to “Embraced”, one of the mothers GHW helped in a previous month.  Just note it in the message part of your purchase.  We’re also asking that you share this post to help us get the word out.  (There’s a pin-it button at the bottom of the post for Pinterest users – please choose the necklace photo)

Give Her Wings Limited Edition Necklace.  Fundraiser through July 31, 2013.  $39.99

We are so thankful for each of you who has given, purchased, prayed and encouraged throughout this month!

4 Replies to “July Fundraising Update”

  1. It is August 20th & I am still waiting to receive my necklace. I was under the impression that they were mailed on August 1st. Please let me know when I should receive it. Thank you.

    1. We were to order them on August 1st (we had to wait to order in bulk to be able to share the most money with our mamas). They have been shipped this week and you should receive them any day.

    1. We don’t have any available right now, but keep a look out. We may bring them back for a short time nearer the holidays.

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