Introducing our Gorgeous, Hand-crafted Bracelet!

DSC_0787We are incredibly excited to be able to sell these gorgeous works of art to benefit our April and May mamas this spring! ALL proceeds go toward helping these two mamas be able to launch from a better place after leaving their respective abusive spouses. These bracelets express what we wish all women could grasp: that Jesus is a covering for us — our Protector — regardless of what is happening in our lives. We can run to Him and find safety for our hearts, souls and bodies. How we wish all women knew how precious they are to Him!

The is one of our organization’s favorite verses. We exist to help women who were previously neglected, oppressed and abused find their wings. But, sometimes, that is just too hard at first . . . too scary, too risky. Sometimes, we need to learn to hide under the wings of Jesus . . . and then His wings become our wings as we grow to look more and more like Him. And, we eventually learn to fly. But, birds do not only fly . . . they sing. They are free . . . free to fly, sing and yet free to tuck ourselves right back under our Heavenly Father’s glorious span if we want to. How beautiful is that?!



Do you have a woman in your life who needs this reminder on a day to day basis? Does she need to know how precious she is to her Redeemer? So precious that she has the freedom to run to Him all day and every day, if need be? If so, please buy one of these beauties. They are hand-crafted, hand-stamped and will not tarnish. Also, we are excited to offer these bracelets in Spanish this year!



Each piece is custom made, so no two will be identical. The feather designs are all slightly different. We hope you will love it as much as we do — a beautiful reminder that we are each unique and precious to our Father. Each cuff has a heart clasp and features a feather charm and pink leather ties.



Also, just like the past two years, please note that, since these bracelets are custom made by Monique, they are made to order and take 1-3 weeks to arrive. The price is $35 and this includes shipping! They will be available for 6 weeks. Go here to purchase a bracelet (click on one-time donation through PayPal, and please note whether you would like yours in English or Spanish).

And thank you. Thank you from our April mama (“Sunbeam“) and our May mama (yet to be announced). And thank you from us.

16 Replies to “Introducing our Gorgeous, Hand-crafted Bracelet!”

  1. Beautiful bracelets and such a worthy cause! I purchased one for
    someone that I know has been through a very difficult few years.

  2. I am purchasing one. I am not yet sure whether I will keep it for me to encourage my clients with, or give it to a wounded warrior in this battle. This verse came to me during a Thephostic prayer experience. I visualized this and it was powerful!

    1. Linda — You can either put it in the “notes” section on paypal or just go ahead and purchase it and send one of us an email letting us know which language. 🙂

  3. Can we still purchase this bracelet? It would really bless me to buy one! This verse gets me through a lot! Thank you! 🙂

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