God is MOVING at Give Her Wings! – New Dreams, New Mamas! –

Friends!!  I cannot even begin to tell you all the ways that we are seeing God’s hand at work here at Give Her Wings.  Being behind the curtain can be a scary, yet exhilarating place to be!

We have taken on several new mamas since our last blog post, both as financial mamas and encouragement mamas.  We are currently in the vetting process for quite a few more!  God is providing at every turn.  And while we get super excited when we see what God is doing for our ministry and allowing us to move forward and grow, we are MOST excited … ecstatic even… when we see what He is doing in the lives of our mamas.

Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pexels

While I want to spend a little time today telling you about one of our newest mamas, I want you to be on the lookout for new blogs and stories about the ladies we call our veterans.  These mamas have been with us for awhile now, and we have asked them to start sharing their “success” stories with you all.  Let me tell you though, that here at Give Her Wings, we might define success a little differently than most.  But you will see what I mean when those stories start rolling out.  If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter, now is the time!!  (You can do this at the bottom of the page 😉 ) You won’t want to miss these stories as we publish them!

If you aren’t on our newsletter list, you might have not heard about “Mandy.”  This sweet mama chose this alias as it holds a very special place in her heart and in the story of her fight to be free from abuse.

After twenty years of being told that she was completely unworthy love, her self worth had diminished to near nothing.  While she still struggles with the lies of never being good enough, smart enough, modest enough, submissive enough….the list goes on and on…she found something special in this name. Amanda means “Worthy of Love”.  She believes God led her to that name to allow her to see the true meaning behind it.

This sweet mama and her precious children have endured abuse in almost every capacity.  Currently, she is fighting against the lies he is perpetrating against her in court in an effort to keep her children, get them into a healthy and safe environment, and just be free.  Please keep her in your prayers as every day is a struggle.

We thank everyone who has helped us financially and in prayer to support our mamas as they take one step at a time toward freedom…and realizing their true worth.

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2 Replies to “God is MOVING at Give Her Wings! – New Dreams, New Mamas! –”

  1. Dear Sisters and Brothers at Give Her Wings.
    My heart is always grieved and rejoicing as I read these stories of God’s redemption in the wounded and vulnerable “mamas” and children that you come alongside. I am so honored to help you financially each month and to pray for you all. It is close to my heart because my story is living in a destructive marriage for too many years and seeing the harm it did to both my children. I am just now getting out after 54 years which is much too late. But I am doing it and trusting God to heal my children’s hearts and lives as I finally take a stand and say I will no longer enable this sinful behavior.

    Thank you for your ministry,
    Elizabeth Martin
    I receive your newsletter at two emails. Would you please delete the “jnitram2008@gmail.com” email?

    1. Elizabeth! I just now saw this! Yes . . . We will delete the one email. We are so grateful for your support of these precious mamas! Thank you for your deep love and compassion for the oppressed. You are a GEM.

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