From Our Mamas

From Our Mamas

Messages we got from a few of the mamas on our encouragement list during the August “Give One Campaign” of 2016!

“You have no idea how surprised I was and how this is an answer to prayer…I have not yet celebrated AT ALL my 18 year old son’s birthday that was in July when he was with his dad, OR his graduation (homeschool). NOTHING – has been done!!! I am turning this into HIS special dinner.”

“Oh my goodness gracious! Thankyou! You ladies are just amazing, I’m totally overwhelmed with thankfulness!”

“Oh my goodness! A waffle maker was just delivered to me from Give Her Wings!! I don’t know what to say, honestly. You all have been so incredibly generous to me I can’t even begin to thank you. Truly. ? ? it’s overwhelming to be given so much!”


Arrived home after a VERY long day to this incredible gift from my Give Her Wings prayer warriors! SO blessed. Mother’s Day has always been an incredibly challenging day in my past…never what it was meant to be and always ending in nightmare tears. Until 2 years ago… when the GHW team adopted me and my monkeys as part of their own and showered me with prayers and love and encouragement like none other. So thankful ❤️


From “Lifted By Love” (July 2013)

Dear Friends,

I am getting the chance once more to write out words from my heart concerning the love you have shown to me and my children during this time in our lives when we needed hope and to be lifted up from a dark place. Thank each and every one of you so much!! Please know you are part of our story of God’s goodness to us. I lived for a long time not knowing what to do and tried very hard to keep going in a situation that I believed a forgiving wife had to endure. Through God’s amazing grace and His bringing very special people into my life, I was given the information, the answers, the help I so desperately needed.

This ministry is “life giving” in so many ways

This ministry is “life giving” in so many ways and you dear ones who gave to help us or prayed for us, became a part of our story of hope, and a part of this ministry that does more than I can ever express to help those of us struggling so much to start over. I am forever grateful and promise your gift and your love and kindness will never be forgotten. As I move ahead in my journey, I will be remembering you in my prayers and asking God to bless you all for helping me with a new start, a new story, out of the darkness of abuse into freedom and healing…..I am thanking you again today and always….it means more than I can ever say……

With Love,
“Lifted By Love”

Received after “Help Her Have a Merry Little Christmas” 2013

Dear Give Her Wings:

I just want to take this time to say thank you for sending me a blessing package this Christmas. I was really surprised and tremendously blessed by your thoughtfulness. I was having a down day, and the post office called and said they had an over-sized package for me, and the way it was addressed, made me cry.

I think that GHW is God’s way of blessing those of us who have been hurt so desperately and feel so alone. Every time I read about the things that this organization is doing to care for women and children, my heart overflows with joy and grief at the same time.

GHW is God’s way of blessing those of us who have been hurt so desperately

I am so blessed to see how others care for each other – people they do not even know – and yet so grieved that there are so many of us and the need is so great.

So, thank you GHW. Thank you to all who contributed to making each of our Christmases a little brighter. Thank you for being faithful to the call; for being faithful to love where there has been so little; for being faithful to give so much of yourselves, with so little in return; for sharing the Gospel of Christ this way, with so many of us. What a true and vivid example of what we need so much – the love of Jesus.

May God truly bless and provide for you and make GHW a continued source of love to all those who are hurting, and also a continued source of healing for those who need it.

God’s mighty blessing reside with you always,


From “Courage to Soar” (Dec 2013)

Just want to say thank you for all of the support! The emotional, financial and spiritual support from all of you ladies has been a blessing BEYOND what words can fully describe.

My heart overflowed again

My heart overflowed again as I opened the mailbox and in it was an envelope from Give Her Wings. The amount was almost the dollar for dollar amount of a bill that needed to be paid! Why am I constantly amazed at God?! Why don’t I just get it through my thick skull that HE sees! HE knows!! And HE will provide above what we can ask or think?!!! I stand in AWE at our Great SAVIOR!


From Nicole (Sept 2014)

Give Her Wings once again has symbolism in its name to the very thing I need. WINGS! Yes, I am receiving miracles. Mostly financial… However, I believe that I am in the season that God is also going to bring restoration and freedom for me to enter into my destiny.

God is also going to bring restoration and freedom

I have been trapped by circumstances and situations. So were the Israelites when they were enslaved by Pharaoh, however, I believe the time is here for God to role back the waters of the Red Sea. My miracle for release is in the making and I can’t wait to see how it will unfold