For Our Donors and Angels


We are excited to share a little bit about one of our favorite angels — Natalie! Natalie has been very generous to share about Give Her Wings numerous times on her popular blog, Visionary Womanhood. You should definitely take a gander at her lovely domain, for there you can see how brave and wonderful Natalie has been and continues to be. You will LOVE HER.

For now, here is our friend, Natalie:




And here is why Natalie chooses to give to Give Her Wings every month:

I love to be part of Give Her Wings because this ministry is personal and practical. Have you ever heard the story of the boy and the starfish? An old man walking on a beach with hundreds of thousands of starfish all over it saw a boy throwing as many as he could, one by one, back into the ocean. He asked the boy how he could make much of a difference when there were so many starfish? The boy replied, as he threw one in, “It makes a difference for that one.” Give Her Wings can’t save hundreds of thousands of women, but they can make a difference for this one. And that one. And for those individuals and their children, it is all the difference in the world. That’s what makes this ministry personal. It’s practical in that it helps women with a fundamental need when they are trying to escape abuse. Finances. Money is one of the biggest hurdles that keeps women and children stuck in abusive homes. Give Her Wings helps solve that initial problem and gives these families love and hope. Every single life creates a ripple effect. One person may seem insignificant in light of the billions who live on this planet. But that one person will touch many more people, and those people will touch more, and so on. When we show compassion and love to one family, we are spreading love to hundreds of thousands who are living or will live in the future, both here on earth and in eternity. This is the love of Jesus Christ. This is the lesson of the five loaves and two fish. And this is why I share my portion with Give Her Wings. — Natalie Klejwa