Faithful in Trials — Our October Mother

Dear Friends . . . . It is with deep excitement that I write about our new mama. The reason I feel such great joy is because we have already been able to help her and the month has barely begun. Last month, we collected almost $1000 for “Walking in Integrity”. It was not what we had hoped for (we always try to raise $1500), but we were happy with it, trusting that God has got this entire little operation in His mighty hand. So, no sooner had we raised the funds than “Walking” let us know that she had received an unexpected check in the mail. Not only is she able to get on her feet, but she was even able to use some of it for a mission trip to Africa! (gasp!)

In keeping with the spirit and purpose of Give Her Wings, and in keeping with “Walking’s” reputation for integrity, we no longer saw this dear mama as a viable candidate. See, Give Her Wings is all about giving a woman a “breather” in the middle of extreme distress. Not only is her world turned upside down by leaving an abusive man and doing what she never thought she would have to do (divorce), she has children who desperately need her. Often, these spiritual widows are destitute. There is no chance to heal or even think about what to do when one has no support and is terrified of not being able to provide for her children. We cannot help long-term. But, we can give her the relief of having her bills paid . . . or a down-payment on a car . . . or gas to be able to find a job . . . or food money — the necessities.

Just as soon as we lost our candidate, another one fell into our laps. Prayerfully and carefully, we discovered that “Faithful in Trials” is living in a very small space with no heat in a mountainous region. She is turning her cooking stove on and gathering the children into the kitchen to get warm. She has no gas for her car. She cannot pay her rent this month. And . . . need I say it? They are cold.

“Faithful” has no family support and no child support from the man who left her in a lurch with her three children . . . after 17 years of extreme psychological and emotional abuse. All three of Faithful’s children are ADHD and have Asberger’s. And yet, this woman does not give up. She is loving her children . . . she is trying; She is on food stamps; She is working toward getting a job. I am not sure I have ever seen a woman who is striving as hard to provide for her children as Faithful is. That is why we call her “Faithful in Trials”. That is the name we have chosen for her. She deserves it.

Here is the incredible news. With the money you have donated (and, rest assured, we have contacted all those who have donated to be sure they are OK with giving the monies to our new lady), we are able to send her a check this week to pay for her rent, some of her bills and one cord of wood. Our sister needs 8 cords of wood to get through the winter but this is a start. We are hoping, with our new October campaign, to be able to send money for more firewood (could we raise another $1500? I know that God can do it. We could cover all of her firewood!). More good news is that there is a wonderful group of ladies up in Maine who have put together outerwear, boots and warm clothes for Faithful and her children. God loves this woman.

Faithful still needs money for smaller bills like internet. She needs money for gas and she needs money for medication for her children. Please consider donating. But, also, watch our new campaign this month. We have something really neat lined up. I know God is in this . . . please help and give.

Warmly and with a Hopeful Heart, Megan

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  1. Faithful is truly a woman of integrity. I work for a nearby church was contacted by Give Her Wings to see if we might be able to provide some assistance. I contacted Faithful and had a wonderful conversation with her. I offered her immediate assistance with food which she was grateful for the offer, but thinks she is receiving food tomorrow and did not want to take it away from someone who might need it today. I left her with my number and the offer to help tomorrow if the expected food did not come thru.
    Megan C. I must have written your number down incorrect so I could not contact you to let you know that I have made contact and will be following up with Faithful at the end of the week. May God bless you for the work you are doing.

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