Exciting news about a FREE webinar and TWO April mamas!

There is SO MUCH happening over at Give Her Wings! If it seems like we’ve been quiet, it is because we have been BUSY LITTLE BEES! And it is all such wonderful work, friends. We are so thankful for all the support we continue to receive to help so many mamas. In fact, we helped TWO mamas this month, already! But, more about that soon. First, we HAVE to share with you that one of our favorite people, Leslie Vernick, is doing a fabulous webinar called “5 Red Flags that You are in a Destructive Marriage”! HELLO! How important is this? We respect and admire Leslie and trust her whole-heartedly. She will help you to become “crystal clear” about whether or not you are in a destructive marriage AND what God says about this. In her webinar, you’ll learn where the Bible talks about these things and how abuse affects people. She will also give you steps to take if you find yourself in a destructive marriage. To sign up, please click here: 5 Red Flags that You are in a Destructive Marriage. She will also open it up for question and answer and there is a special bonus at the end! Sign up today! The awesome part? ITS FREE!!!

Second, we have two new mamas! Read about them below:

Lindsay lives in a state where we do not have a team member. We called upon the family of God (who has never let us down!) to help us to reach this sweet young girl. Victoria answered that call. Our dear friend, Victoria, drove to meet Lindsay in a small town in the mid-west. Victoria took her out to eat and ministered to her in an incredible way. Lindsay is only 25 years old and has two precious baby boys. One night, a few months ago, Lindsay left her abusive marriage with her two boys and $5 in her pocket. She headed straight for a shelter, which kept her safe for two months until she was able to find an apartment. We found out that Lindsay only had ONE BED for furniture, which she was sharing with her babies. We were able to help Lindsay furnish her new apartment and get back on her feet with some money for bills to spare! Hooray! Lindsay  now has a job and she ALSO has a college scholarship! Victoria is helping us to find a childcare voucher for Lindsay so she can plan, what looks to be, a bright future! Recently, her ex husband has been arrested for drug possession. He has been in and out of prison. We are confident that Lindsay will be able to have custody of her boys and be able to move forward. Please pray for her, though, as she is hurting. It is so hard to be a young single mama!

Natasha was also a mama who was “out of reach”. So, our dear friend and “angel”, Penny, went to see her on the East Coast! We are so grateful to Penny for what she did! Not only did Penny take her out to eat and bless her and her children, but Penny brought her own remedies to help one of Natasha’s sick babies. If you don’t know about Penny’s business, check it out here: Aromatic Insight and Inspiration. Penny has also donated (at cost) a BEAUTIFUL product going into our Mother’s Day packages for our mamas. But, shhhh. I don’t want to ruin the surprises! Penny fell in love with Natasha and so did we! Penny and Natasha discussed how we could best help this precious woman with a handful of children whose husband chose to abuse the gifts he once had. He, too, has been in prison due to the abuse and drug possession. He is coming out of prison soon, however, and Natasha is terrified that he will want custody of their youngest little lamb. We believe we can help Natasha to fight this. We also are going to help pay for some repairs that need to be done on her car so Natasha can  take a job as an uber-driver. Yay! Natasha is getting back on her feet and we are doing all we can to help.

Did you know that we also help these beautiful mamas with day-to-day stresses? We are available to them! And we love it. Look at this precious text we received from Natasha the day before Easter.

Carrie was able to zip a gift card over to her so she could do easter baskets for her little lambs! We love to help!

We are looking ahead . . . there is SO MUCH NEED, friends. The Give Her Wings team loves what we do and it is a lot of work. Please pray for Lindsay, Natasha, Leslie and our team as we press on and do what we are called to do — to love the widows and orphans, for this is true religion!



Fly Through the Storm by Megan Cox




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