Enjoying Success with Three Days Left!

Wow! Once again, God has showered His favor on Give Her Wings in the past one week. Why? I think it is because He loves our cause. He loves the fact that we are doing our little part to take care of widows and the fatherless. Why would He not work through us to help pay some bills for our sister who is struggling? He has never failed us, friends. We have never ever ONCE strained to come up with the funds that we have needed. There have even been times where we have taken “risks” and taken on TWO mamas of the month and, still, He has provided. It is all His, anyway, right? $1500 per mama is just a drop in the bucket for Him! Oh, goodness . . . maybe if we had greater faith, we would ask Him for more. Maybe someday . . .

In the past one week, you all have shown our March mama so much love, friends. And it isn’t even March, yet. In the past seven days, we have raised over $1100 and will be sending out over 40 books . . . and we still have three days left in the campaign. But, here is the cool part that we weren’t expecting: Many, many single mothers gave a small amount ($3-5) so they could receive my book. It did not occur to me that there were so many of you who would like to have the book but couldn’t afford the price. My heart melted. We didn’t know! Sweet mamas, I am so glad that you wrote in. I could not be happier to send you a copy. We love you! Thank you for your donations. They have added up. And, still, the costs were all offset by some larger donations and it has evened out beautifully. Large or small donations, the Church has worked together to help a sister in need. That is beautiful.

So! All that being said, how we would LOVE to raise the full amount before we focus on partnerships with GHW in March. Soon, we will be posting an article about our very deserving March mama, who is a precious lady with three beautiful boys. And we will ask you to partner with us! Hooray! How we would love for you to be a part of this ministry!

Three more days . . . give any amount at all to our March mama (hop on over here) and receive my book for FREE. Maybe you would like to read it; maybe you know someone who needs it. Either way, you will be blessing “our” mama, blessing us and being blessed. As we have said so many times, this campaign is a win-win-win.


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