How To Donate & Our Current June 2019 Campaign!

This month (June, 2019), we are launching our annual gift campaign called “12 Days of Hope” for our mamas. Our hope is that each of our current mamas will receive these pretty packages with 12 wrapped boxes and a bracelet. Each box contains one precious QUOTE and one precious HOPE (see pictures below!). For 12 beautiful days, each mama will open one sweet charm with encouragement and add it to her bracelet. IT IS LOVELY. And so incredibly deeply encouraging.  Each bracelet is only $10 a piece (including shipping!!) Please click below to purchase 12 days of hope for a mama. 

I really don’t believe that we have ever had anything more long-lasting and more encouraging to give to our mamas. 

The reason we do this campaign is because it is the ONE TIME OF THE YEAR where we INSIST that our mamas receive something that is just for them. As you all know, receiving anything outside of bills is a true delight. For our mamas, they never . . . ever do anything for themselves and they (sadly) don’t have anyone who would do something special for them so we take one month out of the year and do our best to encourage. The brilliance of this gift is that there are beautiful truths for their hearts each day but also something pretty to remind them . . . 

Click on “donate” to purchase a $10 bracelet! 


We do have specific fundraising campaigns several times a year, but what really keeps Give Her Wings going is the ongoing cash donations of our supporters.   Donations can be made in three ways:


1. Become a monthly partner. We call these people “Angels”, as these donations free us up from fundraising year-round so that we can minister and grow our program.  We hope you will consider becoming a Give Her Wings Angel.  Simply click on the “subscribe” button (you are “subscribing” to donate!), below, choose your monthly give and become an angel!  If you wish to give an amount that is NOT listed in the dropdown menu below, simply go to Option #2, click the donate button and set your own amount, then check the box to create a monthly donation.



Donation Options

2. Give a one-time gift! Every little bit helps our ministry! Simply click below and donate!

3. Mail a check to:
Give Her Wings, Inc.7931 S. Broadway #150Littleton, CO 80122. If you know a member of our team, you can hand them a check and they will forward it along for you.