How To Donate & Our Current July 2019 Campaign!

Art Credit: Elle Neese

The team and I spent all of June vetting and preparing to choose the most destitute of single mothers for July . . . . I could go on and on about the abhorrent things the ex’s or soon-to-be-ex’s have done. I could try to wow you all with the very-true-devoted faith of the single mothers who are working so hard to provide for their babies and cling to Jesus. I could tell you of their gratitude and tears when they received the emails this morning, telling them that we are going to companion them and pay for their bills this month. I could tell you about how we are helping one of our mamas have restorative surgery after severe trauma that will give her a new lease on life. I could tell you how she wept. I could go on and on . . . and on.  It is what we do. Every month. It is who we are, as a ministry.

Our team has chosen to name these brave women Song, Flower and Mine for their own personal and precious stories. One of them is finding her solo, one is blooming and the third is discovering that she belongs to no one except Jesus. 

If you feel so led to help us this month, please donate by clicking the “donate” button below. We always need help. Always. Thank you. 

We do have specific fundraising campaigns several times a year, but what really keeps Give Her Wings going is the ongoing cash donations of our supporters.   Donations can be made in three ways:


1. Become a monthly partner. We call these people “Angels”, as these donations free us up from fundraising year-round so that we can minister and grow our program.  We hope you will consider becoming a Give Her Wings Angel.  Simply click on the “subscribe” button (you are “subscribing” to donate!), below, choose your monthly give and become an angel!  If you wish to give an amount that is NOT listed in the dropdown menu below, simply go to Option #2, click the donate button and set your own amount, then check the box to create a monthly donation.



Donation Options

2. Give a one-time gift! Every little bit helps our ministry! Simply click below and donate!

3. Mail a check to:
Give Her Wings, Inc.7931 S. Broadway #150Littleton, CO 80122. If you know a member of our team, you can hand them a check and they will forward it along for you.