How To Donate & Our Current September 2019 Campaign!

Art Credit: Elle Neese

“Marmee” was nominated quite a while ago but as our readers know, we struggle to painfully take the most dire and properly vetted of women each month. Marmee’s story is horrendous. She is being helped by the state to divorce her abuser. He has been imprisoned for attempted murder, at this point. Marmee has managed to receive sole custody of her four beauties due to this last incident where he threw hot ashes on her two-month old baby, causing severe injuries. Marmee and her ex husband were supposed to be going no-contact but just a few days ago, we received this message:

As of Sunday my life was almost lost in the hands of a evil man who needs mental help not just prison time. We are now homeless 4 girls and I. I’m just asking for prayers that we find something soon. We have contacted over 23 shelters in our area and none have open slots for family of 5. Just asking for prayers. ~ Marmee

Yes, precious child of God. We will all pray for you. But we want to do more for you. We want to help provide the necessities of shelter and food for you and your lovelies. We want to spend all of September raising money on your behalf to bring you to safety. We love you, dear one, and so does Jesus. We want to be a safety net for you.

Friends . . . we need your help to raise money for this precious mama. We will never forget our calling, as an organization, to help those who are oppressed — just like Jesus has asked us to. Your donations will go to Marmee this month. If you feel called and led, please donate below. 

One more thing — we are so busy vetting, adding more volunteers, trying to get to as many women as we can that sometimes, we aren’t able to get to all of the thank you notes. Please know that we are grateful — unbelievably grateful — to those of you who give. There is simply no other organization like ours (a Christian non profit that financially helps survivors of abuse). Your donations go to amazing work. Life-changing work; God-honoring work; literally (as in the case of “Marmee”) life-givingwork. On behalf of all of us at Give Her Wings . . . . thank you. 



We do have specific fundraising campaigns several times a year, but what really keeps Give Her Wings going is the ongoing cash donations of our supporters.   Donations can be made in three ways:


1. Become a monthly partner. We call these people “Angels”, as these donations free us up from fundraising year-round so that we can minister and grow our program.  We hope you will consider becoming a Give Her Wings Angel.  Simply click on the “subscribe” button (you are “subscribing” to donate!), below, choose your monthly give and become an angel!  If you wish to give an amount that is NOT listed in the dropdown menu below, simply go to Option #2, click the donate button and set your own amount, then check the box to create a monthly donation.



Donation Options

2. Give a one-time gift! Every little bit helps our ministry! Simply click below and donate!

3. Mail a check to:
Give Her Wings, Inc.7931 S. Broadway #150Littleton, CO 80122. If you know a member of our team, you can hand them a check and they will forward it along for you.