December Goodness . . .

Its been so much fun . . . 

Hearing about (and seeing photos of) our mamas and their families receiving their Christmas packages to which so many of you contributed. The smiles on their faces have brought bubbling-over, fizzy joy to our team! It is so FUN to give! And all 50+ mamas we are currently serving have been so grateful! One mama told us that she always dreads the mail (bills, bills, bills, people!). So, receiving gifts in the mail is an incredible treat! 

Its Advent . . . and a lot of us are celebrating the expectancy of Christ coming to walk this earth, put on human-ness and show us how to love, all-the-while reconciling us to Him. For us to be able to give to our mamas, this month, we are telling them that they are part of this celebration . . . that they are worthy . . . that they are loved. Christmas is coming! Jesus is coming! God with us and God with them!

In the meantime, we are also celebrating the donations that are being matched by Leslie Vernick. Wow! Looking to the future can be stressful for a small non-profit but when financial resources are met, like we hope for this month, we can concentrate on ministering to and helping our mamas. For the entire month, Leslie is matching each monetary, tax-deductible gift given to Give Her Wings. So far, we have been given close to $2000. We are overjoyed! 

In the meantime, and if you can believe it, we are still helping mamas. We are busy doing some real ministry, friends. Women and families are being vetted . . . board meetings continue and bills are being paid to help single women who have left abusive marriages survive this incredible, life-altering and crushing escape. I look back, sometimes, over the past seven years and I honestly can say I don’t know how I did it. That is why I started Give Her Wings. I wanted to do for others what I did not have. But, even the emotional turmoil was enough to break any one of us. When feelings of abandonment and judgment from my church, my family, his family and my seminary piled on . . . when my children had great physical and emotional needs . . . my mind felt like it was cracking (and I can describe it no other way). I distinctly remember asking God to fill in those cracks with His healing oil of anointing. My needs were so great, I would not have known where to begin. I was crumbling under financial strain and insecurity, I was physically working hard and caring for my children, I was terrified of the future and I was still being abused. I could not find my footing. 

Now and then, when someone did something kind for me, my entire world would change that day. One day without worrying gave me a minute to talk to God about the confusion I felt was threatening to destroy my faith. When my physical needs were met, I had time and wherewithal to read Scripture and listen to Jesus . . . to think about returning to church (or not) and to let others speak into my life. 

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.'” Matthew 25:40 NLT

When Give Her Wings meets the physical needs of these amazing women, we help to save their faith. When  we are hungry, stressed, emotionally burdened, dealing with PTSD and our minds and hearts are shattered . . . . how does one climb out of that? One way is through our organization. I talk to so many mamas, almost every day, who need a dose of encouragement . . . who need to know that Jesus loves them . . . who need to know that their next bill could be paid . . . who need to know that we care about them and about their children. What a long way this goes. When you give to Give Her Wings, you free us up from fund-raising so we can get to the good stuff. And, this month, with Leslie’s generosity, your $10 gift will be $20. Your $250 will be $500. Your $1000 will be $2000. Every bit helps and every bit counts. 

Thank you for prayerfully considering donating to Give Her Wings for end-of-year giving. We could not do this without you.

Warmly and in Christ,


Our Wonderful Christmas Packages! 

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  1. I recently found your page. How beautiful are the feet (fingers of beautiful writing, if you will) of those who bring good news!
    I too left an abusive marriage 7 years ago and fled with my 3 children. So much of your writings I can relate to.
    All praise and glory to God for the healing that has taken place and His incredible faithfulness!! Only Jesus!

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