Co-Parenting with Wolves, Part 5: The Wolf in “Rage Mode”

We know the wolf can be charming, and we know he likes to put on a sheep suit and get attention and self-pity (usually to disguise the fact that he just tried to eat one of the sheep).  But what do we do when the curtains are closed, and nobody is there to witness, and he rips off the sheep suit and bares his fangs?

This is the part that keeps us terrified for our lambs’ safety, and willing to dance to the wolf’s tune if only he promises not to eat our lamb. Right?

Well. Here at Give Her Wings, we know that


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Stay tuned for the last video in this series, Part 6: The crisis of faith we have when we are battling wolves for our children! God bless you all, xoxoxo




2 Replies to “Co-Parenting with Wolves, Part 5: The Wolf in “Rage Mode””

  1. Hi MicroGal,
    yes that is always a possibility, which is why I say you need to trust your own instincts. However, in a lot of situations this “fear of retribution” is what keeps everyone silent and allows the wolf to continue in his evil behavior. Exposure (of some kind) is often the only thing that can help. If you are worried about it backfiring (and I know this fear very well!), then first discuss the situation with a trusted confidant, and possibly an attorney, and/or a counselor. A counselor is your best bet as far as getting this stuff “on the record” in a way that won’t automatically be considered heresay in court – but a good family lawyer can also advise you on whether there is enough evidence to expose the wolf without him being able to freely retaliate on the lambs.
    Building a support network before you expose the wolf is always a good strategy. Allowing him to continue to terrorize the lambs in secret never has good consequences, but again you are the expert on your own situation!

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