Co-Parenting with Wolves, Part 2: Safety Issues

Our second video is up – this is part 2 of 6 in our series on co-parenting with abusive people!  You can check out our introduction to this series and what led us to tackle this topic in our last post. Please excuse the quality of this video, I am new to this video thing and I had some issues with this one. :/ Bleh!  But I think the next installments in this series are going to be less fuzzy. I hope, anyway. 😉

Today we want to discuss some safety issues when dealing with wolves, because this is tricky and can be dangerous. Plus we know that many of you are trying to tackle these beasts without the proper support! and stay tuned for our next video on Badmouthing — the wolf is a sneaky fellow, and lies and badmouthing are some of his favorite weapons. We are wise to the wolf, though, and not only can we predict his behavior, we can put up a fight (figuratively speaking :))


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