Co-Parenting with a Wolf, Part 3: Badmouthing

Wolves simply cannot (or more accurately, will not) ever stop badmouthing their victims. You can count on a wolf to never miss an opportunity to say mean, negative things and outright lie about you to anyone who will listen. But when it is your child that receives their verbal spew, is there anything you can do about it?

This is one of the many reasons that co-parenting resources for divorced parents are generally useless, when it comes to abusive people. They assume that each parent has a conscience, and want to put their children’s well-being first. You cannot pretend that a wolf ever has good motives (because he doesn’t)– this would invite further harm on your child.

In part 4 we will talk about the wolf’s lies (which could fill the ocean if he had enough time).  Here are the links to the first two posts/videos in this series:

Part 1 – What is a Wolf?

Part 2 – Safety Issues

Stay tuned and God bless you as you travel this road! xoxo


4 Replies to “Co-Parenting with a Wolf, Part 3: Badmouthing”

  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for doing this series!!!!!!! It’s SUCH a desperate NEED!!!!! Katy, you are clearly such a sweet spirit. Thank you for taking this time to advise. Please don’t stop, lol! 😉 Blessings!

  2. Thank you so much for these videos! I am new here, having been directed here from ACFJ and a divorce group on FB. I am currently going through a divorce and my narc stbxh says one thing and does the complete opposite. Ugh! It is so frustrating and trying. I hate sending my kids to see him, but don’t have a choice. His years of cheating and lies have caught up to him and he is now paying the consequences. But he is deperatelg fighting to get me back (to control me) by saying that God wants us to reconcile. What ?!?? No, God does not want the children or me abused by this man any more! I am praying for justice. I have only seen God’s confirmation, provision and blessing as I slowly walk (run!) out of this marriage.

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