Buy Christmas For a Mama!


We are planning the most SUBLIME Christmas gift for each and every one of our mamas! Because our house-warming party was so HUGE (so many donors helped furnish the homes of so many single mamas who were starting over from scratch!), we were “going” to do a smallish Christmas campaign. However (and as always happens), we just can’t skimp out when it comes to our beloved mamas. WE ADORE THEM . . . and we know that, without Give Her Wings, MANY of “our” mamas would not have a Christmas at all. And we want to be fiscally responsible and truly make every penny count so . . . we carefully selected three ideas that would make Christmas incredibly meaningful for our mamas. The three ideas, put together, comprise our “Christmas Bundle”.

I remember my first Christmas, as a single mama. It was ROUGH, emotionally. But, at the same time, it was precious. It was precious because people blessed us in tremendous ways. We had very little (each child had a shoe-sized bin that held all of their treasures). But, friends several states over contacted me, wanting to know what each child wanted for Christmas. They were not over-loaded with gifts, but I decided that we would make this holiday about Jesus. And that, we did. Christmas Eve, we snuggled by the tree (borrowed) and I

sang every Christmas hymn I could think of until the last child fell asleep. I desperately wanted them to feel secure and loved. I wanted them to hear about the expectation of Emmanuel. No longer was God “up there”, “out there” or in the temple. Now, He was with us. WITH US. We talked so much about how Jesus, the baby, came to be our Rescuer, as the Son of Man. And how He is always with us. I wish I had had the book we are including in our bundle. It is AMAZING. As a family last Advent, we read through Ann Voskamp’s book and even David and I were in tears each night. She has a new one with a pop up Jesse Advent tree called “The Wonder of the Greatest Gift“:

We want to get one of these for each of our mamas. Because we love them.

Next, we would like to give a nice meal for each family for $100. A Christmas dinner! We contacted several companies and this one (Send a Meal) gave us an 8% discount, which really adds up! Thank you, Send a Meal! With a voucher, each family can choose what they want!

Finally, we want to get a very special, biblically inspired print for each mama to remind her that her path has been taken before. And God was with the women who walked those paths . . . . and God is with each mama right now. The print looks like this:

IS THIS NOT PERFECT??? The vendor ALSO gave us a discount on these beauties. A big shout out to Three Letter Birds!

All three of these gifts (Advent Book, Christmas Dinner and the Beautiful Print), with shipping will cost $150 per family. It really isn’t bad, considering how much some of us will spend on only ONE of our children, this Christmas! Most of our mamas have 4+ children. It would mean SO MUCH to them to have these lovely gifts. Truly, it would make their Christmas. David and I are going to sponsor a family. But, we have 40 families for which we would like to provide some Christmas goodness. Would you help us? Would you sponsor one family this Christmas? We’ll take care of the rest! I know these ladies. I know what it would mean for them to receive this loving Christmas package . . . I can see their faces, as they receive them. I’m praying for this to happen. 

If you would like to sponsor a mama and her little lambs this Christmas, simply click below. Please click below and give. They need this. I promise you, they have very little of anything else, including hope.

If you would like to give, this Christmas, but $150 is simply out-of-your-budget, just hop over to our donate page and give. Everything helps! Thank you, in advance. This is a big campaign. It is a lot to ask. But, our mamas are so worth it.


The Team of Give Her Wings

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Matthew 25:40