Blitz End of the Year Matching Campaign December 26-January 1!!


We are incredibly grateful to Leslie Vernick and her CONQUER group, one of our valuable supporters and “angels” for her generous offer of matching every gift that is given to Give Her Wings, Inc. (all tax-deductible) for one week (December 26, 2016 to January 1, 2017). Wow! We are so excited, friends! We got busy vetting some of the mamas who were nominated. Friends, it would have been “safe” to support only one mama this month but we found that there were two in dire situations and so, we prayed . . . and stepped out in faith . . . and we are supporting two mamas who desperately need help. For only one week, we are asking people to donate to help raise $3000 to pay the bills for these two mamas. EVERY DOLLAR YOU DONATE WILL BE MATCHED BY LESLIE AND HER CONQUER GROUP. In finding out just how desperate they are, our team has already sent (ou of the goodness of their hearts) grocery money, warm blankets, fuzzy warm socks and a few Christmas gifts. But, they need more than this. They need their rent paid. They need to get on their feet somehow, and they need (more than anything) to know that they are loved and not forgotten. Does your business need to give a quick end of the year gift? Please consider giving to Give Her Wings and donate here. Your gift is life-changing and life-saving to these precious women. Here are their stories:

1. “Free To Breathe’s” husband is a chaplain and they have been married for 21 years. They make precious little money to support their children. “Free’s” husband is highly spiritually and emotionally abusive. I have seen several emails and texts that he has sent to their church, as he hopes the church will exercise “church discipline” upon Free. It was more than sickening, friends. When I spoke with Free, she was incredibly fragile, as she had just fled with her three children (5 year old twins and a 10 year old) to her elderly mother’s house. Free was really smart. She fled with the kids while he was gone, left a note for him that he could speak with her attorney and had him served with divorce papers the next day! She is shaky and afraid (understandable) but she is firm in her decision to be free. He is highly manipulative and causes the children a great deal of psychological harm. She simply could not allow him to ruin the children. She has also had concern that it seems her husband is grooming their daughter for future abuse. Free’s plan is to stay with her mother for a month and file to be able to stay in their rental home. She has no church support, as it seems her husband has completely infiltrated that arena, and she has a wonderful mother who is elderly. When Free returns to her home, she will need to find a way to bridge the gap, financially, until she can figure out work. She and I wept a lot on the phone. Her voice would have broken your hearts. She told me that she knows that God opened the way for them to leave. She is incredibly brave. Love, Megan

2. Eleanor Jones (there is a fun story behind her alias!) was married for 25 years and has four children. Eleanor explained that her ex showed signs of being a pedophile early in their marriage. Her ex was a deacon and very respected, he was also a Boy Scout Master. Eleanor experienced extreme sexual abuse during the marriage and was aware of sexual abuse toward children. Once Eleanor decided to divorce, she told the church what he had done to her. The church did not support her and she left. Eleanor homeschooled and did not work outside the home, except for tutoring. She has been divorced since 2014 and is having trouble finding work due to having no work experience. Eleanor has sold everything she can in order to keep herself afloat but she is struggling, deeply, financially.

Eleanor struggles to connect and trust people still. She does not have family support and she has had a few friends help here and there, financially. They were living in their car last Christmas and this is their first apartment, which they hope to keep.

Eleanor’s most urgent needs are for rent. We hope to be able to help her as soon as possible so she can stay in her home. She asked for prayer for healing, for work, for her children and for friendships. Love, Lori


Please donate, friends. Please help us to help these mamas and their babies.



The Team of Give Her Wings & Leslie Vernick and her Conquer group




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  1. What a wonderful year-end campaign you are having and how wonderful that Leslie Vernick will be matching donations. Also wonderful that Natalie Klejwa at Apple Valley Natural Soaps (I love her things and gave some as Christmas gifts and I order for myself) donated personal care products to the Mamas.

    Best wishes to all.

    And I am praying for your clients/Mamas!

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