Friends, we have put together a Christmas package for our mamas that will bless the entire family!  It is our desire to help our mamas and their babies learn to believe again after everything that is screaming at them that there is no hope left!

You can choose to donate an entire package ($104.95) or select the YOUR CHOICE button below to make a donation in ANY amount towards purchasing these packages for our mamas and their children.

Packages will include a VISA Gift Card, a Board Game, an LED Christmas Decoration, a Yankee Candle Christmas Candle, AND our dear friend Natalie Hoffman’s new book (Donated by her!) . We don’t want to give away every detail just yet so our mamas will be surprised, but we’ll post pictures after the campaign is over!

believe! One Gift Package!


believe! YOUR CHOICE Donation!



Give One To Give Her Wings

This is probably our favorite campaign of the year!  Give One to Give Her Wings !  Our mamas are in terrible adversity, and every spare penny goes to the needs of the children. We love the opportunity to give them some pampering that they so deserve.

Our little flock has grown so much in the past year, and we know that God is using this ministry to ease suffering and we want to thank you for caring! Please share our September campaign with your friends! We can’t wait to bless our mamas with a dinner out, a movie, or simply a good book! 

**Please confirm which gift you are giving in the notes section of checkout.  Some of our gifts have multiple pricing options to make giving possible for everyone!  Be sure to choose the option you prefer where applicable.

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God is MOVING at Give Her Wings! – New Dreams, New Mamas! –

Friends!!  I cannot even begin to tell you all the ways that we are seeing God’s hand at work here at Give Her Wings.  Being behind the curtain can be a scary, yet exhilarating place to be!

We have taken on several new mamas since our last blog post, both as financial mamas and encouragement mamas.  We are currently in the vetting process for quite a few more!  God is providing at every turn.  And while we get super excited when we see what God is doing for our ministry and allowing us to move forward and grow, we are MOST excited … ecstatic even… when we see what He is doing in the lives of our mamas.

Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pexels

While I want to spend a little time today telling you about one of our newest mamas, I want you to be on the lookout for new blogs and stories about the ladies we call our veterans.  These mamas have been with us for awhile now, and we have asked them to start sharing their “success” stories with you all.  Let me tell you though, that here at Give Her Wings, we might define success a little differently than most.  But you will see what I mean when those stories start rolling out.  If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter, now is the time!!  (You can do this at the bottom of the page 😉 ) You won’t want to miss these stories as we publish them!

If you aren’t on our newsletter list, you might have not heard about “Mandy.”  This sweet mama chose this alias as it holds a very special place in her heart and in the story of her fight to be free from abuse.

After twenty years of being told that she was completely unworthy love, her self worth had diminished to near nothing.  While she still struggles with the lies of never being good enough, smart enough, modest enough, submissive enough….the list goes on and on…she found something special in this name. Amanda means “Worthy of Love”.  She believes God led her to that name to allow her to see the true meaning behind it.

This sweet mama and her precious children have endured abuse in almost every capacity.  Currently, she is fighting against the lies he is perpetrating against her in court in an effort to keep her children, get them into a healthy and safe environment, and just be free.  Please keep her in your prayers as every day is a struggle.

We thank everyone who has helped us financially and in prayer to support our mamas as they take one step at a time toward freedom…and realizing their true worth.

Pssst….don’t forget…

For the Love of February!!

A Little Bit of Love for Galentine’s Day!!

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to our Galentine’s Day Campaign!  Our mamas were thrilled with their gifts that our lovely Audrey put together, with the artwork completed by Christin Hunt at Hope of Glory Designs!!  You can find Christin on Facebook by clicking HERE!



Our February Mamas!!

With your generous support, we were also able to help two mamas this month.

Little Sparrow

We’ve been following “Little Sparrow’s” story for a while now, waiting for her situation to meet all of Give Her Wings’ vetting requirements. We have named her “Little Sparrow” because she is so exhausted, from life, and she reminds of us a sweet, precious bird — the kind that God has His eye on. But, she doesn’t know about her wings, yet, due to being bone-weary. It will take her a while. She has had to take on so much pressure to keep her four children moving forward and keep their new household afloat.

Sparrow tried to leave three years ago but found out she was pregnant with her fourth child and returned. Her ex husband has been extremely controlling, in general, but especially financially and verbally. He became particularly abusive during her pregnancy, when she was most vulnerable (as is often the case). She has told us that the abuse was more intense when she tried to get closer to God and grow stronger in Him. This is very typical for abusers. When the target of blame and abuse begins to show some independent thought, abusers grip their victim even tighter, making it near impossible for her to leave — which is why Little Sparrow is so incredibly brave. Until recently, this sweet mama was very isolated. She recently tried to change churches and attend a Bible Study. However, her ex husband followed and circumvented any relationship she may have had with them. We are doing all we can to be the Church to Sparrow, right now, so that she can see that Jesus still has His eye on her — and cares very, very much.

Little Sparrow’s primary concern now is being able to feed the children and get them some counseling.This mama is hurting, dear friends, and we need your help. All donations from February are going to help both of our precious February mamas. Will you help? We love this dear lady with the broken wings. Pray for her, please.


Hope has been a victim of emotional and physical abuse at the hand of her husband since before they were married. She witnessed abuse in her family as a child, and because of this example, she didn’t think it was uncommon when she married him. The abuse has extended to her children and included horrific threats of violence beyond the things he has already done.

Hope is thankful for the job she has, but it is still very difficult to care for herself and her three beautiful children with limited salary.  And with her previous car breaking down, she has incurred even more unexpected bills, insurance, and other things on top of her regular financial obligations.

Even with this, Hope continues to work and still homeschools her children, as well.  Her biggest desire is that she can continue to raise her children well and in the Lord!

This precious lady, with all her hard work, still needs help to make ends meet and be able to take care of her sweet children.  Please pray for her, for their safety, and that God will bless them with continued provision.

What’s Next at Give Her Wings?

Keep your eyes open for new and exciting things as we launch our Angel Campaign on March 1st!  Our angels are the back-bone of Give Her Wings, and allow us to keep growing, keep ministering to our current mamas, and be able to help new mamas as we go.

Bigger Than the Gift

Thank you for what you’ve given!! 

It was just a gift certificate for a book.  She cried tears of thanks and responded to tell us.  Her own to choose, to keep?! WOW!

The kids get to see their very first movie in a theater.  The giggles and wiggles and plans ensued.  Never mind what movie, they cannot wait!!

A manicure?! She’s never had anyone paint her nails before.  Paid or not. What does that look like?

Cupcakes already made, exotically beautiful without the cost and sweat in the kitchen? Yes, please!!

How about a microwave to heat the endless leftovers a growing teen consumes daily, between meals? More tears.

The gifts that you thoughtfully, prayerfully, and generously chose to send through us sends more than a package.  It sends love and hope.  With each gift, the precious mamas are told how valued, spectacular, loved, and chosen they are.  By their Father in Heaven. We happily support and encourage and send along the gifts.  They are needed.  Some needs are practical, but all lift the spirits of the women who’ve been beaten down.  And these beautiful warrior women, remarkably and faithfully, explain to their children that there are people all over the world that love and support them.  

We have, with your generosity, been able to send many beautiful, thoughtful, practical gifts to the women we so humbly walk through life with.  There are more needs…towels, vacuums, small appliances.  And more ways we can shower these beautiful souls….

Please consider donating today. We still have the rest of August and there are still so many loving gifts to be given! We are thankful for you, for your kindness and for your lavishing love.




Happy Father’s Day, God!

I have a confession. I used to hate Father’s Day.  I mean really, really HATE Father’s Day. (And Mother’s Day, but that’s another story.)  Commercials, songs, cards, and sermons all reminded me of what I did not have.  By touting the glorious, irreplaceable, life-shaping contribution that dads make to a child’s life, I was made keenly aware that I was lacking something big.  Something over which I had no choice, no control of but without which I would never be whole or good.  Or so I thought.

I can’t pinpoint a moment in time, but as an adult I finally got it.  (Oh, how I wish I was a faster learner!) I have the PERFECT parent!!  I knew all the church songs and Bible verses, but it clicked in my heart in a different way.  That deep-down, in my gut feeling…that my Father in Heaven is the only parent that I need.  It was a crazy-good, heart and mind-changing realization! It took time, but I could finally let go of the notion that I deserved less and embrace what love God was offering me.

His love is kind and gentle, never forceful or aggressive.  His love is not based on my performance.  I cannot earn it.  I cannot lose it.  THAT, my friends, is a Real Father.  That love whispers truth at all times.  Over and over, in my darkest hours he called me to Him.  I couldn’t accept His love at first.  I couldn’t imagine anyone could love me.  When your own parent(s) reject and harm you, this is a tough idea to wrap your brain around.  (Plus I just don’t get things right away.)  Yet He never gave up loving me.  He persisted in the most gentlemanly way.

The Lord sees your pain.  He knows your struggles and what your children have suffered and continue to have to endure.  His plan, His desire for you is that you feel His love.  Rest in it, soak in it, trust in it, and trust in Him.  God is good.  All good, all the time.  We live in a world full of turmoil, yet He overcame it.

I am an imperfect parent.  We all are.  But we break the chains, we break the cycles.  Our past does not define who we are or who we will become.  We are His.  We are loved and we are lovable.  He formed us, chose us, came for us, gives us hope, and will never forsake us or leave us.  So, really, this Father’s Day is day is His gift to us.  He is the best dad ever. Happy Father’s Day.

Properly Armed

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 9.35.01 AM

Before I sit down to the computer every day to work for Give Her Wings, I have to do something important.  (Besides grabbing a cup of coffee.)  I have to prepare my heart.  I need armor for this work.  His armor.  Not mine.  My armor is perforated, sits crooked and sometimes is lacking whole pieces I forget to put on.   His armor? It covers my thoughts, my heart, my faith, my direction… perfectly.  I have to stop and take the time to get armed. Ephesians 6 reminds me, too, that the battles aren’t mine alone or just what I see.  These battles are spiritual, and He is with me.  Properly armed, I can move forward to hear more heartbreaking stories than I can bear without him.   Properly armed, I can deal with landlords, utility companies and others who don’t want us helping and put up a ridiculous fight.  Properly armed,  I get to see His mighty hand moving, answering prayers left and right, and give Him all the Glory. It is exciting work, folks! Spirit-moving, praise-worthy work! 


Today, we celebrate that, because of your generous hearts,  we have raised all $1500 for our current mama, Redeemed!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!  And not only THAT, but she has seen prayers answered in areas that she had all but given up on.  You all prayed and she felt that, saw that, and is beyond thankful.  We help in practical ways, with the needed funds, but the spirit-lifting that your prayers accomplish in these women and children is priceless.  


The inbox continues to fill with women needing help.  We wish we weren’t needed.  But we are His hands, His feet.  We press on, never tiring of the work He has called us to.  I lift my arms up to Him in thanks.  The sword and the shield strengthen my own wimpy arms so they can do more, love more, serve more.  Thank you for your loving, generous hearts that allow us at Give Her Wings to keep on serving. 

Kat Watkins

Redeemed — Our May Mama

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.07.31 AM



He whispers into the ear of the precious and innocent five year old, “While you’re with me this weekend, Mommy is going to sell all your toys.  She doesn’t have any money because she didn’t obey me.”  The sweet child comes home angry and panicked to a mother who repeatedly has to prepare herself for these crisis moments.  Mom is braced and ready, praying, speaking truth and love and teaching her children how to see a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Their hearts wrestle with questions regarding truth, lies, faith and trust.  The older two children hear worse than the youngest and experience unendurable affliction at the hands of their biological father. The eldest tries to protect his younger two siblings and bears more on his young teen shoulders and heart than he should have to.  The detox after a visit to an abuser takes hours, sometimes days.  Every other weekend.  And once a week, midweek.  It takes a toll.

“Redeemed” has wanted a divorce for the entirety of the two years since she has left.  It has yet to be granted in court and she is wearing for trying.  He has the money, so he has superior legal help.  Unfortunately, it stays true that money talks.  A better car is bought with more money.  The same goes for attorneys.  Redeemed’s children’s voices are not heard.  He controls all medical and psychological decisions and treatment for the children.  He rejects counselor after counselor for the family.

Redeemed does not give up, though she is bone tired and struggling financially.  She sees God’s hand moving in the midst of the storms.  She feels His healing touch daily and teaches her sweet children that God is all good all the time.  Even when the wolf is on the prowl, hurting his own children to get at her.  Even when it is hard to pay the bills and she needs help from family and friends; even when they cry from pain she cannot stop.  Redeemed trusts that the healing she has experienced during the last two years is just the beginning.  She knows Who to trust and how to fight and she does not give up.

“Fear not, for I have redeemed you, I have called you by name, you are Mine” (Isaiah 43:1 ESV) is her favorite verse.  After years and years of abuse that could/should/would shatter the lives and will of many, she knows who she is and Who she belongs to — Not a man who belittles and besieges women and children; not a man who blames her for the monsters in his closet; not the church who encouraged reconciliation and submission. Redeemed belongs to the Lord Most High!  She wavers and wobbles at times, wrestling with the demons of the past. But she clings to the future, knowing it is bright and worth the fight.

Redeemed needs financial help with her rent and utilities, in order to free up her income to pay her lawyer for an upcoming trial in 8 days.  She hopes and prays that the divorce is granted, that his financial records are called into play, and that the child advocate is allowed to testify.  Her freedom, the freedom of her children, depend on this case. Please prayerfully consider donating to help end the cycle of abuse and show her and her children how very valuable and treasured they are. Won’t you join us in our efforts to minister to Redeemed? When you give, please specify that it is for this tremendous and brave mama. We need your help!