Our Mission

About Give Her Wings

Give Her Wings is a 501(c) non-profit organization, started in early 2013 with two women and an idea to help another woman. Since then we’ve seen our team, our GHW family (our mamas and their children), and our number of supporters continue to grow. We received our non-profit status in early 2014, and we are amazed at what God is doing! We’re thankful for each person that gives and prays to support GHW. We’re also thankful that God has put together a team that has different strengths that works together to support our common mission.

Our Mission Statement: We serve, without judgment and with compassion, single mothers who have left abusive relationships. Our goal is to show them the community and body of the Church, when they otherwise are not finding it. We show the love of Christ to the down-trodden, broken-hearted and oppressed. We serve spiritual widows and orphans.

Our Giving Statement: Give Her Wings gives with dignity, generously and elegantly, showing each mama that she is worth the extra added effort and nice touches. When we give, we stress the honor we have that we have this opportunity to serve one of God’s princesses.

Give Her Wings, Inc. is run by the board (President: Dr. David B Cox; DMin, MDiv), Executive Director Megan Cox (MAR in Pastoral Counseling), Naomi Ruth (Assistant Director) and a fabulous ministry team. Our team has been through much, together, and we love each other and work as one! We love this ministry and we love how God uses us.  Learn more about our team HERE

The purpose of Give Her Wings is to raise gifts and money for mothers who have left abusive situations. Oftentimes, when a woman leaves an abusive marriage, she narrowly escapes with little more than her children and the clothes on her back. Give Her Wings desires to do all they can to help specific mothers who are living in very poor conditions presently.  We want to give these brave ladies a chance to get on their feet . . . to breathe . .. to heal their broken wings and fly free again.

We are very strict on our vetting process and criteria. In order to help a candidate, we are looking for these issues:

  1. Mother and children have little to no child support.
  2. Mother and children have little to no parental/family support.
  3. Mother and children have little to no church support.

Also, we require that a team member visit the mama and her babies and talk over their financial issues together. We never hand over cash but are responsible and accountable to the IRS and to The Foundation Group for paying bills, always having a copy of a receipt in hand and making the transactions ourselves. We pride ourselves in our policies, which protects us, our donors and our mamas.

While we are always open to cash donations, sometimes we will create events to raise money for either a group of women, or a particular woman in need.  Join with us in helping those who are here . . . right here in front of us! You can always find out what we’re doing on the Current Fundraiser page.

The names of the women cannot always be revealed, but some of them can be. Everyone involved with Give Her Wings will do his/her best to protect all involved.

There are a couple of terms that we use here that you may not be familiar with.

1.  “Our mamas” : We are not talking about the mothers of our team members.  We are talking about the women you want to help.  All the other words sound too impersonal and once we know about them, they are a part of the GHW family.  We want them to know they are surrounded with people that love them.

2. “C”hurch vs. “c”hurch.   We make a distinction between the Church with a capital C and a church with a lower case c.  When we use church, we mean the local fellowships that people attend together.  When we use Church, we mean all of the followers of Jesus Christ.  Part of the reason Give Her Wings exists is because we saw a discrepancy between what the Church is called to and what some churches are doing.  We believe it’s our responsibility as believers to help these spiritual widows and orphans.  But, what we are seeing is that oftentimes, they are neglected and even turned out by the ones (family, church, friends) who are meant to help them.   Please come along with us to serve those “spiritual widows” of our day!